July 22, 2016

I love lists

I love lists // shutterbean

Welcome to I Love Lists. Let’s surf the internet together!

  1. A thought provoking photo project.
  2. This cake intrigues me.
  3. A library I would love to see in person one day.
  4. I would like one of these paintings over my bed.
  5. Sorry not sorry.
  6. Dream vacation home material.
  7. Supermarket Fails are hilarious.
  8. Waves that look like brushstrokes.
  9. Wanted in my home.
  10. Favorite food recipes of famous photographers.
  11. If you need some good mantras….
  12. Looking forward to getting this bag in the mail soon!
  13. If I lived by myself, my house would probably look like this.
  14. Kitchen makeover one and two.
  15. So good so good.
  16. This DIY cocktail ring looks awesome.
  17. What’s the right age to give your kid a smartphone these days?  I think 18. HA.
  18. My friend Megan just launched her new site design and it’s beautiful.
  19. Staying away from pools now….AHH.
  20. Thought this photo was beautiful.
  21. Build a better cheese plate. Dude. These plates are LOADED.
  22. Funny…. I saw the word HUNGRY first.
  23. How to Sell Your Kids on Vegetables


  • Monica B.

    Hi! Loved lists! I always look forward to touring the web on Friday mornings with you. Good stuff! The first word I saw was “Beyonce” – I thought “I don’t even know what that is!” HA! Just kidding! 😉 The next word was PURPOSE! Happy Weekending!

  • mary

    Your FIRST item was worth it all today, Tracy. Incredibly moving.
    Like Monica said, I love coming into the office, logging on, sitting down with my coffee, and pulling up I Love Lists.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Rachel

    Tracy, I am in Buenos Aires right now! I’ve been to that bookstore before but I’ll go again and snap a picture for you!
    xo from South America

  • Jamie

    Saw Courage followed closely by Chocolate. And Adam Hall (heart eyes all over the place)!!!

  • S

    The first word I saw was HOPE. 🙂

    That vacation house, number 6, was recently on housetweaking.com. Do you follow her?

    • Tracy

      I don’t but maybe I should!

      That’s so weird that you see the word HOPE because that word has come up like 20 times for me this week. 🙂

  • Kate

    ABeautifulMess designed “Plant Lady” shirts and I thought of you! I have a black thumb when it comes to plants.

  • erinlucy

    The first word I saw was ‘courage’ I like that.
    A friend of ours just bought their son an iPhone for his birthday. His SEVENTH BIRTHDAY. I will delay giving my kids a phone for as long as possible. I’m thinking 21 sounds like a good age.
    I made an effort to stop apologising about a year ago. I’m finding it much more difficult to stop saying ‘just’
    That photo project made me incredibly sad.
    Awesome links as always Miss Bean xo

  • Cait

    Love these lists! There is really so much to discover out there, you could go on forever!

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