October 4, 2019



  1. Some of these family road trip hacks are genius.
  2. Favorite outfit: tunic / yoga pants / converse
  3. Group Halloween costume ideas.
  4. Instagram now lets you control bully comments
  5. Let’s get lost in photos from the early 1900s in France.
  6. My cats are my babies.
  7. Whoa, I thought these pastels were photos.
  8. These miniature worlds are incredible. 
  9. The world sure has changed since 1958
  10. No, I wouldn’t. 
  11. How to set yourself up for success while traveling with others.
  12. Yes on #3
  13. Good news for Ina lovers!
  14. What’s Fiona Apple up to these days?
  15. Disney park hacks if you’re doing the Disney thing.
  16. Weekend Reading: Creative Confidence / The Artist’s Way
  17. How to find the best parking spot every time.
  18. The best memes of 2019 (so far)  This makes me feel old.
  19. Frozen pizzas, ranked.
  20. My favorite Autumn Recipes if you need inspiration.
  21. All orders over $35 receive free shipping from my etsy shop! 

  • Marisa

    I look forward to this list all week, every week. It’s my 5:00pm Friday happy time. I loved the Fiona Apple article, which linked to an amazing interview with Liz Phair. They are both so inspiring with their no-f’s to give perspectives on living your life.

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