August 12, 2016

I Love Lists

I love lists // shutterbean

Welcome to I love lists! Let’s surf the internet together:

  1. This is the greatest news ever.
  2. I hope I can make Cooper a cool space like this one day.
  3. Some major inspiration from literature.
  4. I wish I could see this in person.
  5. Fat cats + cat puns
  6. I kinda want to make one of these.
  7. For future reference.
  8. Filing this cake under YUM.
  9. A wonderful studio transformation.
  10. Best things to eat in SF.
  11. Put this book on my to read list.
  12. Plant pot porn.  Sorry that sounds weird.
  13. I want this in Leo for my birthday. Also this too.
  14. Rescued Film Project
  15. This would be handy for an air plant.
  16. Buildings that represent what they sell.
  17. If you’re into makeup dupes
  18. OMG these cocktail pops look bonkers.
  19. The prettiest shave ice I’ve ever seen.
  20. When I was a kid I saved up for the Caruso Molecular Hair Curlers. They were my everything.
  21. I’ve saved $1k by doing a lot of my shopping at Thrive Market this year. CRAZY!

My friend Andrea posted this on her facebook wall. 

It made me laugh. I mean…have times really changed that much?

  • Monica B.

    Love checking in on Fridays. Good good stuff here. Happy weekending.

  • des balfour

    I LOVE your love lists!!!!!

  • Jamie

    I remembern wanting Caruso Molecular Hair Curlers. Did you get them? Did they work???

    • Tracy

      I did get them and they did work but my hair never holds a curl so it was short lived!

  • Lucy

    OMG that Rosanne clip hahaha

  • Sarah

    Feel fortunate you’ve had a positive experience with Thrive – there are countless online horror stories! This one gives a good overview (not affiliated in any way – it just paints the picture very well). Sad that a company that is striving to be ethical appears to have such poor business practices (and seriously BS responses from the corporate office to people’s complaints – what a joke)

  • Kendra

    I recently was on my honeymoon (yay!) in a tiny cabin with no internet or cel phone reception!!! The first night I seriously felt like an ADDCICT and was checking my phone every 2 minutes and having a mild panic attack every time it dawned on me that NOTHING was coming. FOR A WEEK. I ended up being able to get WIFI from some neighbors down the lane but OMG. It was terrifying to realize how addicted I really am. And no…it did not help me get over my habit…as soon as I was back to “civilization” I was back to checking my phone. All. the. Time.

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