My Everyday Life: Week 22

Here’s what this past week looked like!  Week 22 of My Everyday Life

Baseball tournament! Dinner + arcades.

Rubber ducky, you’re the one.

Somewhere in Sunnyvale.

We had two really crazy games that went into overtime. We won the championships though!!!  YAY.

Travels with blanket. 

A foul ball hit me in the arm. That was exciting. It also hurt like a mofo.

Raindrops on Casey’s car.

Celebratory In & Out.

Shipping off food journals!  Thank you for your orders!!!

Check out my Etsy store for more!  I’ll be bringing some new stickers to the shop soon. Stay tuned!


I look forward to spending time on our deck.

Catching some Sun in the afternoon.

A moment to myself, salad.

This week I photographed a bunch of things for One Potato. 

I take all of the photos for their recipe cards. It’s fun to think about how many people can learn how to cook through my photography.

Currently obsessed with:

When you don’t have buns, a slice of bread will do.

Dad came over for a bit!

I looked down while I was talking to my friend at baseball and there a taco pillow at my feet. Lol.

Doctored up tamales.

I had my friend Kris over and her son Sebi for breakfast!

Family dinner at Hillstone’s this week. My Dad wanted me to take a picture of his Manhattan.


This week I was religious about writing down what I ate in my food journal.

I spent time working on my closet this week, prepping it for my Summer wardrobe.

Watering plants is the way I meditate.

My hair is doing things.

This color.

This sign!  For a while it said Satuday. No R.  Kinda sad they fixed it.

Studio visit!  My friend Kendra opened up a new space in San Anselmo called Convert Studios!

My friend Lauren with Kris’ new pup, Rooney!

Magical light.

I will be teaching some classes here sometime soon!  I CANNOT WAIT!

The afternoon light is delicious.

I can’t wait to play with shadows.

All the props!


Gee, I wonder why I gravitated toward this section.

Student ready! 

My friend Kendra is a magic maker.

Star in the alley.

The light this time of year excites me.


A moment when I felt my mom with me.

Enchiladas to go! 

Look at this cattitude.

Pool party at a friend’s house with a view!

I was wearing my Mom’s hat to the baseball game yesterday and I went to look inside and was happy to see the word MAGIC.   It’s the little things.




  • Alex

    A beautiful week as always! Also, so many questions! Is Casey’s car made of carbon fiber? Is that even a thing? And you dad is so dapper! Does he still work or does he just wear ties for fun?

    • Tracy

      Casey’s car has a carbon fiber top and yeah my Dad still works. He won’t stop!

    • Casey

      The car comes from the factory with many carbon fiber parts including the roof, to reduce weight, lower center of gravity, and improve handling.

  • Becky B

    So much sass packed into a tiny kitty!

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