My Everyday Life: Week 29

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 29

I can finally share something I worked very hard on!

I have a 6 page spread in the August issue of Better Homes & Gardens and it’s on stands right now!  My meal prep is in a magazine. YAY!!!

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

The most exciting part for me is that they wanted my handwriting in the feature.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

I hope my Mom can see it, wherever she is. I know she would have been LOST HER MIND to see this. My Dad is pretty excited!

I wore her jewelry in the shoot and her soup & salad dressing recipes are in there. It made me feel happy to know that she is a part of it.

Thank you for helping me produce beautiful photos, Todd! 

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Family adventure in Sausalito.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

SWe spent the afternoon looking for funny boat names.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Someone sent me a message through Instagram stories and told me their favorite name is :  HOOF HEARTED

Say that out loud.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

We used to have boats when I was a kid. I was a klutz (still am) and fell in the water a bunch of times.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Mural inspiration.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Lunch at the Joinery in Sausalito was great. Can’t wait to go with my dad & brother.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Long shadow season.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Adventure with my friend Emma!

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

We checked out the Marin Art & Garden Center.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

So many pretty flowers.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

I liked the way they repurposed this outside oven.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

The light was incredible.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Having lunch!

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

But seriously, look at this tree.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on


My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Trip to the Cactus Jungle.

We are so lucky to have a location in Marin now!

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

All of it please.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Emma in my kitchen.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

We played with our food.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

And took photos!

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

We have the same Bill Murray sticker on our cars and were wearing the same nail polish color on our toes.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

I took a detour and ran into some love.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

The glow before sundown.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Dear EmilyMy Everyday Life: Week 29 on

This letter!

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Thank you so much, Maureen!! xoxoxo

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Easy French Toast for the win!

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Don’t forget to look up.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on


My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

A wispy cloud night.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

I went to make toast and saw that my child did this to the





I don’t blame him, cuz BREAD.





My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

The closest Ella gets to Cooper.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Casey and Cooper played Connect 4 for sooooo many rounds. Cooper is really good!

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

We played with orbees at Camp Shutterbean this week.

Got them from a reader in my PO BOX. Finally busted them out!

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Did you hear about that camping trip?  I was…

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Picking out a birthday card for my dad.  Didn’t get this one, but I did get a big laugh.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on


My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Reunited with my Birkenstocks .  No other shoe fits the like them!

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Cooper’s in his golden season.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on


My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

I realized that I only have one aunt left.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

A bug turned into a truck!

Meal prep!

I enjoyed the Mediterranean salad all week!

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

They match.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Girl time at my friend Lisa’s house.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on


My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Cooper wrote two pen pals this week.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

I put chips in my tuna salad sandwiches.

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

Avocado toast & bananagrams.

Found my journal from my trip to Italy at 16.


My Everyday Life: Week 29 on

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  • Jacinthe

    Discovered your blog, insta and how inspiring you are through the better home and garden issue. VERY cool!! Tks for sharring all the inspiring stuff. LOVE IT.
    A french canadian who will look foward your next post

  • Emily Harden

    1. Just added the magazine to my grocery list!! I’m just starting trying to be better about cooking at home and I’m excited for the physical inspiration from you!
    2. I saved your Emily picture as the background on my phone, thanks for the personalized art!!
    3. I thought Cooper’s hair was a field of wheat.
    4. Laughed so so hard at the Hoof Hearted and your journal entry.

    Thanks for documenting your days and sharing them with us so beautifully!


    Congratualaitons Tracy on BH&G! That is so great!!! Thanks for sharing the letter you got. You DO make a positive difference in the world. I am touched and inspired every time I visit here. Thank you!

  • Molly

    Congratulations!! What and amazing and well deserved accomplishment… also loved that they used your handwriting.

  • Becky

    Came across your spread in Better homes it was so you!!!!Congratulations
    Lovely how you included your mom.

  • Gimi Larsen

    Absolutely ❤️❤️❤️ your cooking method/prep ideas! I cook everything at home so always looking for inspiration & this was beyond my wildest expectations. Planning on making everything. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!

  • Joy

    CONGRATULATIONS on getting that spread in Better Homes and Gardens! That is amazing and you’re mom is smiling down on you for sure!

    And I second Maureen’s sentiment…you have made me stop and look at the world in new ways because of your photography and creativity. 🙂 Thank you!

    I hope you have a lovely week!

  • Darlene

    Wow, Tracy, congrats and great job on the spread in Better Homes and Gardens!! So proud of you and happy for you. You are amazing! Keep up the work and creativity over here, I look forward to all your posts every week and you are so inspiring.

  • Bettye L Rainwater

    a) SO EXCITING about being in BH&G!!!

    b) I TOTALLY thought the “Cooper’s in his golden season” picture was of a field of wheat…and I kept looking and looking (Where’s Cooper?? Is he laying down in the wheat field?) til it finally occurred to me the picture was of his HAIR, ha ha ha!

    c) now I want a tuna with chips sandwich.

    You continue to inspire me every week! I think I missed this post last week so I had a very uncreative week, ha ha. This week will be better!


    • Tracy

      That’s my golden boy!
      You should totally put chips on tuna sandwiches or ALL sandwiches for that matter.

      Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate you!

  • susan black

    WOW !! Tracy !! Congrats on so many levels. Your blog is a favourite of mine and has been for years. Your photography, lighting and styling is always gorgeous. Your weekly food prep, recipes and food shots (and flowers, cats, bees, etc) are amazing and now your hand lettering too !!! to see them all together in a 6 page spread in BH&G is FABULOUS !! It’s so cool because the pages look outs like they came from your blog. xoxo Susan

    • Tracy

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I am so happy that they wanted the spread to look like my work. It felt like a huge victory to see my vision translated on paper!

  • Ellen

    CONGRATULATIONS! This is definitely the week that is fantabulous…a spread in Better Homes & Gardens! I must get my hands on this issue! I am so happy for you, this is a well deserved honor. Cooper and the bread is too funny! Another marvelous view of your everyday life. Thank-you!

  • Sara

    You’ve totally inspired me to try and take more pictures about my everyday life. Now, if I only had your talent lol

    • Tracy

      Practice makes better, Sara! You should see what my photos looked like when I first started!

  • Colleen

    Omg how exciting! I’m a long time reader, totally going to get a copy. You should do a lifestyle book – Some cooking, meal planning and prep, Some organizing (pantry, fridge, linen closet, Laundry Area, work bag, purse, ), deep cleaning for kitchen and baths, Some Unique ways to incorporate art into your home, what to bring to a kids sports event, Some self-care. Doesn’t it sound totally up your alley and totally awesome?

  • Reannon

    I love that you wore your mum’s jewellery in the photo shoot and congratulations! So happy to see that the Hippy Banana Bread was in there. I enjoyed a slice everyday last week and my son’s GF loved eating it toasted for breakfast each morning that she was at our place.
    Also, that diary entry made me laugh 🙂

  • Christina

    You’re such a badass! Congrats, lady! We’re all ready for your book : )

  • Scarlett

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! on such a big deal! I’m going to get a copy!

  • Heidi

    Congratulations, Tracy! I have the magazine on my Target list for today. Always rooting for you, girl. 🙂

  • Rosie

    AMAZING!!! I’m so excited for you – really well done!
    Your meal prep plans would make a great book!!!

  • Sara

    CONGRATS on the magazine spread!!! I cannot think of anyone else more deserving and I’m especially thrilled they used your gorgeous handwriting!!

    The way you live your life and share with us is such an inspiration to so, so many.

    I believe with all my heart your mama can see your magazine article and is beaming from ear to ear.

  • Sarah

    “It was quite a night” — laughing so hard!

    • Tracy

      Hahaa. My husband was like “how did you get them to take their clothes off?”

      I honestly don’t know.

  • Brooke

    Congrats on the feature!! Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog, I have made so many of your recipes and they have all been delicious, and easy to follow and execute. The first thing I do on Friday mornings is grab my coffee and check in on your links- always great finds and interesting reads that I may not have stumbled across myself. Lastly, I really enjoy your everyday life posts- I live in Santa Rosa and its so fun to learn about new places to visit in the North Bay! Keep up the great work!

    • Tracy

      Thank you, Brooke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to hear that I’m part of your routine. That makes me so happy!

  • Candace

    Congrats!!!! You are so awesome! I BEAMED when I saw this – I’m a longtime follower, and you’re right – it really is the coolest! So sweet you were able to make your Mom a part of it as well. Massive high five!

  • Talia

    Congratulations on your spread in Better Homes and Gardens – picking up this issue for sure! I make your Mom’s salad dressing all the time – it’s our favorite. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  • Ashlyn @ The Pedantic Foodie

    SO SO excited for you!! That meal prep spread is INCREDIBLE!

  • Lori

    Congratulations on the feature in Better Homes and Gardens. That’s amazing!

  • Mary

    Loved, loved your article in Better Homes – had to visit your blog too!

  • Pam

    LOVE seeing your feature in print form – congrats!!!! Your posts are my fave – you have a great eye for color, light, style. Such an inspiration.

  • Amy

    Congratulations on your feature in Better Homes & Gardens, Tracy! I picked myself up a copy yesterday and I have a a big batch of tomatoes roasting in the oven now as well as inspiration for what to make with my surplus of zucchini. Your feature is beautiful and I’ll be saving the pages for sure. Thanks for always inspiring me. You’re amazing.

  • Amy

    I’ve made both the curried zucchini soup and the chicken meatball subs – both have been huge hits in my household! Our 14 month old devoured the soup – great way to get in lots of veggies!

  • Lindsay O'Reilly

    Hi Tracy!
    Your article in BHG completely inspired me to start using up all the produce in my fridge and from the leftovers from by bed and breakfast and now I am completely hooked on weekend meal prepping! It’s been a great first week of home cooked meals and snacks and I can’t wait to continue the trend!

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