March 29, 2017

Currently: March 2017

Currently March 2017 on Shutterbean.com

Currently March 2017

A few more days before this month comes to a close. This month seemed to fly right by. It was filled with outings and celebrations. We celebrated Casey’s birthday and my brother’s birthday. They both turned 40. We also celebrated our 11th anniversary/18 years of being together!  Needless to say, this month was pretty indulgent with all of the celebrations. Can’t wait to start adding more spring vegetables and fruit into the routine. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add more trips to the farmer’s market in my future.  Cooper has also started baseball season so our weekends are pretty booked these days. I’ve been sneaking in some time to garden on the weekends. My succulent arrangements on the deck are looking pretty good! I am starting to research ideas for our front yard. 

Currently March 2017 on Shutterbean.com

Inspired by:

Volunteering at school during art class. I’ve been going in once a week or so to help out. I absolutely love working with kids on art. Their talent blows me away! We’ve been learning about primary and secondary colors and we’ve been applying the technique to a bowl of fruit. I watched so many kids paint today that I was jonesing to make a bowl of fruit myself. This was a fun way to start the evening.

Currently March 2017 on Shutterbean.com


Casey has been deep in a rabbit hole of carpentry videos on Youtube this month and I’ve been catching myself watching some. Our favorites include Samurai CarpenterSteve Ramsey, and April Wilkerson.  Casey put in some shelves in our liquor closet and is scheming on some outdoor furniture for our deck.

I’ve also been watching The Feud. Thanks for the recommendation, Jerry! It’s a show about the feud between Bette Davis & Joan Crawford and I love it. The set design/costume design is pretty epic. Can’t wait to see how their feud unfolds. I’m an episode behind.

I’m sad that This is Us ended. I can’t wait to see what happens next season. I’m not going to spoil anything for anybody, worry not.

Watching Girls. I think this season (the last season!) is actually pretty well written compared to the past few. I thought the episode where she meets the writer guy was fantastic. Did you see it? What a mental game!

And yes…Housewives. Watching the Beverly Hills season while I do laundry on Monday nights. It’s so mindless, I’m absolutely sucked into seeing what Erika Jayne wears/how her glam squad puts her together. Did any of you catch that spiral notebook of her looks? I wanted to see more.

Also watching Billions…having a hard time not falling asleep during it. I think it’s mostly because we’re up late watching it. Gotta be better at going to bed earlier in April.


I haven’t had much time to focus on leisure reading this month, but I’ve been turning to two books right now on my nightstand before I go to bed.  Do the Work which is motivating me right now (I’m definitely getting in my own way right now). While I was at the library, I picked up Pure Drivel by Steven Martin (one of my favorite writers!). His writing is so playful; I love it.

Thinking About:

I’ve been playing around with the idea of having a subscription service/pen pal experience. Who wants mail???

If you want to send me mail

  • Tracy Shutterbean
  • P.O. Box 604
  • San Anselmo, CA 94979

Listening to:

Angel Olsen (seriously go listen to her and watch all of her videos). I might have to put someone else in the rotation or else I’m gonna get sick of her because I’ve been listening to her non-stop.

Finished the Missing Richard Simmon’s podcast. I really loved Richard Simmons when I was young (I used to sweat to the oldies and I had deal- a-meal!), so I’m so curious to know more about his life. He’s been out of the spotlight for years now and his fans want to know what’s up.  He had such a long career (40 years!) of non-stop working. I hope he’s doing OK and I wonder if he’s permanently retired? The weird thing is that he just vanished with no word why.

Dream Life:

Remembering dreams again this month. I’m on the road in them, looking at abandoned buildings. There are a lot of trees and architecture in my dreams lately. Had a really good one about a cabin with this cool fireplace and just as I was asking about it, Cooper came in and woke me up.


Bought some crumpets from Trader Joe’s this week. Gonna put those back into the rotation. I love how the butter gets into all the nooks and crannies.

I really need to eat salads. More and more of them! I have to remember how good I feel when I eat healthier. Time for a good reset button salad. Pretty excited for grill season soon. That means I can start grilling asparagus and other vegetables.

How was your March?? What’s up with you?

Let me know by leaving your stream of consciousness in the comments.

  • Erica B

    OMG GIRLS!! I agree, this season is so awesome! I’m glad I stuck it out until now. Last weeks episode w/ so much Elijah was awesome. I don’t have any friends who watch it so I”m gushing here xo

  • Colleen

    Totally agree about the episode of Girls with the writer! One of the most thought-provoking television episodes I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait for the rest of the season.

  • Jemma

    I love these posts They make me want to do the same in my journal.

    I’m going to try to write you some mail. 🙂 All the way from the UK!

  • Adie

    Watching Love and Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix while I fold laundry. I have a hard time sitting still, so these shows are easy to watch while I keep my hands busy. Also thinking of watching The Wire again, so good!
    I too just finished Missing Richard Simmons, so interesting he just up and quit. I also love What Should I Read Next, my to read list is super long thanks to this podcast.
    I have a feeling your new P.O.Box is going to get a lot of use!!!
    Enjoy the sunshine this week!

  • Megan@Cozy Eats

    The TJ’s crumpets are the best! I have been obsessed with making “eggy crumpets” for breakfast. I beat an egg, soak each crumpet in the egg, then pan fry each side for a few minutes. Sometimes I sprinkle cinnamon on them while they are in the pan. There’s always a bit of egg leftover, so I scramble that and top the crumpets with it and a drizzle of maple syrup. So good!

  • Jay

    If you like Angel Olsen, listen to Psychic Twin and Dyan!

  • Paula

    Yes to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!!! Erika Jayne is completely fascinating and I would watch a show of just her glam squad getting her ready to go out. If you are looking for a good replacement and some mindless tv when it is over check out Southern Charm on Bravo. So good that it will make you want to have a glass of bourbon and wish you lived in the South.

  • libby

    Meeting the writer guy episode of Girls was so brilliant. I usually like to watch Girls alone (otherwise I’m cringing most of the time) but I wished so badly I had someone to talk to about that episode as it was happening!

    Your site is the only one that I use to get salad recipes. You have the very best salads.

    • Tracy

      SAME HERE!!!! I really couldn’t believe the end of that episode on the bed. OMG SHE WAS SO MAD WHEN HIS DAUGHTER WAS PLAYING THE FLUTE. And what was with the end….with all the ladies going in and out of the apartment? Symbolic?

  • Preeti

    Hey Tracy, I love this series!

    I’m currently listening to a Call Your Girlfriend podcast. I got into it after it was recommended on one of the Cup of Jo podcasts list. It’s really great!

    I usually don’t remember dreams coz running my kids (ages 1 & 4) wake up super early. But the other day I woke up from what was a nightmare where my Ob-gyn was telling me to accept the reality that I was 19 weeks pregnant with a 3rd kid. Enough to wake right up drenched in sweat 😀 Love my kids, but a 3rd one would be the end of me!

    Also, I would jump on the subscription pen pal train so fast. I’ve never had pen pals, and I don’t think I’ve written a letter since I was in elementary school which was ages ago! I’m just hoping the age old ‘But what do I write’ question doesn’t stop me.

    Hope you have a great Friday!

  • Toni

    I love these posts. March just flewwwwwwwwww by. It’s really unbelievable. I’m going to take your prompt and just leave my stream of consciousness right here.

    I’m inspired by this post and to do some more writing and reflecting.

    I have been watching This Is Us also. I’m not caught up, but I’m not as smitten as other people seem to be by the show. Some of the decade back and forths make me stabby.
    I also watch Real Housewives of BH (and I watch OC) – I LOVE it. And I don’t really care who knows it! Ha! They are all really fascinating to me because I lead such a different life.

    I’ve been reading some David Sedaris essays. Hilarious as always.

    The Finding Richard Simmons podcast made me ragey. I don’t have any personal feelings for Richard Simmons himself and if he wants time alone and to retire, that is definitely his right, but what he did to his friends and loved ones is pretty crappy and makes sad for them.
    I have been listening to the podcast Girls’ Girls HILARIOUS! I’ve heard that S-Town (new from the creators of Serial and This American Life) is good, but I haven’t started it yet. I’ve also listened to a couple episodes A Taste of the Past which is food history and super interesting. I listen to so many podcasts, I could go on and on.

    I think I need to try crumpets again. I wanted to like them, but they just seemed like some weird cross between and pancake and an English muffin and I didn’t jive with it. I made Pho Ga twice in my Instant Pot this month and it is soooo good and very easy. Yum. I want some right now at 11pm.

    Maybe one day I’ll send you some mail…

  • Hillary

    Late to the party but hate to miss out…

    Watching: grace and Frankie, Santa Clarita diet, great British baking show (all while holding a baby)

    Reading: anything liiiigghhttt (like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants light) and baby sleep books

    Eating: too much junk and chocolate, lots of flax and hemp hearts in yogurt to counter junk

    Thinking about: sleep. Accepting help

    • Tracy

      Enjoy this baby time!! It’s hard. Mentally!! Physically!!!
      And me telling you that doesn’t make it easier.
      Try to find pockets of time for yourself whenever you can.
      accept help! Really! Don’t ask/don’t get!


  • Hillary

    And I’m definitely sending you mail soon. Such a fun idea.

  • sevenM

    Hey Tracy, I love this ow some series!

    these are real housewife’s thanks for entertaining us

  • Karishma Ahuja

    I love this post. Thanks for inspiring..

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