January 20, 2017

I love lists

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Art collab above with Helen Jane!

Welcome to I love Lists. Let’s see what’s up with the internet this week:

  1. Making friends is a lifelong process.
  2. Whoaaaa
  3. Some facts about Betty White.
  4. For when you need a good laugh.
  5. Printable calendars are my love language.
  6. Printing this out for sure.
  7. Outdoor patio dreams.
  8. This is where we are at. This is weird.
  9. More life lessons from Anthony Bourdain.
  10. I cut off a whole pigtail when I was in 1st grade….
  11. More of this in 2017 please.
  12. Dude. Ummmm. OMG. YUM.
  13. Popcorn….popping. This is rad.
  14. Hey there, Portland. This is unbelievable!
  15. I love a good closet tour.
  16. Mmmmm.ramen.MMMMMM
  17. The beauty of ice.
  18. They’re not wrong
  19. What dinner time looks like in other places.
  20. I’d like to make this buddha bowl soon.
  21. Weekend reading/inspiration.
  22. Thinking about making chili. What are you gonna make this weekend?

Videos I’ve been watching:

Hard Work & Patience

This song/video is on repeat at my house.

this episode of 30 for 30 was awesome.

have a great weekend!

  • Rachael

    I love these posts 🙂

    Rachael xx.

  • Ashley

    Ugh, that Nashville Hot Chicken! Might need to make that soon!

  • Jamie

    I LOVE that you included the snow birds in Portland twice – that picture is so awesome/surreal/fascinating/magical. Happy Friday, Tracy!

  • Sarah

    The post about making friends resonates. My husband and I work from home, we have no kids, and we’ve moved a bunch in the last year or so. It’s been tough to make friends, but you know what we’ve done? We’ve been proactive. We talk to EVERYONE. The day we got to New Orleans we jumped out of the car to talk to the neighbors and ask them what vet they take their dogs to, because we needed a vet. When we dropped off the U-haul my husband got the numbers of a cute young couple that lives about a mile away, and made plans with them. Like, asked them to go to brunch with us the next weekend! When we stopped in a bar for happy hour, we sat at the bar and talked to the cute bartender.. We asked her to be our friend, and she said yes. It turns out her boyfriend works from home too, and they have a hard time making friends. And then we make plans, we follow up, we try to be consistent. I sound like a dork admitting this, but we even signed up for a cake decorating class at Joy’s Bakehouse, because we figured we might make some new friends. It’s not always easy for me to make friends. I can be introverted and tend to like to stay home more often than go out. But, I’ve really been forcing myself. And, I have to admit, we have a lot of cool new friends and we’re always on the lookout for more.

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