June 15, 2012

I love lists, Friday!

  1. Bundts and hilarious writing. That’s my friend L.M. for you!
  2. I loved this current food photography style post! Informative & FUN!
  3. This is house porch parties come together.
  4. The secret meaning of the lines on a SOLO cup. Interesting.
  5. My husband would appreciate the tray of candy bars in this movie night post!
  6. Pillow DIY!! When I get in the decorating zone, I’m gonna exploit this.
  7. Mango Lassis are on my TO-DO list! Cooper LOVES them.
  8. There was a time in my life where I did things like this… wait. I still do…
  9. HEIDI! You had me at Kale.
  10. When I don’t know what to eat for breakfast, I turn to Jen for inspiration.
  11. I could send you one of these birthday cards.
  12. I have a denim shirt that’s BEGGING for this DIY.
  13. Bauble is a funny word. I want to make a bauble necklace!
  14. Confession: I have such a blog crush on Rebecca. I seriously stalk her website. 
  15. Aaaaaaand I watch EVERY video Sarah James makes. I can’t help it.
  16. Buns!! The prettiest wheat brioche buns I’ve ever seen.

On this week’s Joy the Baker podcast, Joy & I talk SUMMER CAMP!  We’re starting a new camp & calling it Camp Awkward!

On this week’s High Straightenence, I organize my Linen Closet. How cute are those bins from Target?!  (They’re on sale right now! Snatch some up!)


Olie Pants made my Angel Hair Pasta with Chili & Lemon. YUM!

Courtney from Cook Like a Champion hopped on board my Brussels Sprouts Bacon Pizza train!

Diane, A Broad adapted my Blackberry Goat Cheese Squares with extra fruits!

  • Katrina

    Oh boy!! I always spend way more time on the internet than I had planned after reading these Friday posts…here it goes!

  • Diane

    My boyfriend has actually given me a couple of those Horrible Cards. For Valentine’s Day.

  • Shawna Greenway

    You have turned me on to some of the BEST blogs out there. Helen Jane may be a new addiction for me.

    I recently took an Indian cooking class at Kitchen on Fire in Berkeley and the chef taught us the easiest mango Lassi recipe – just go to the Indian market and buy a big can of pureed mango (not the pickled one – i’ve made that mistake before. No bueno!) and then mix that with one big container of plain whole milk yogurt (I like Strauss since I can buy it at Costco now). My kids love it!

    • Tracy

      Helen Jane is the shiz!! Seriously! And this mango lassi recipe sounds simple! I gotta try it. THANK YOU, Shawna!

      • Helen Jane

        That was the best Friday eyes-dropping I could have happened upon! Thanks guys for being nice and fun and cool and awesome.

  • Jane M

    I am ALL OVER the lipstick tutorial! I live for the lipstick! I’ve put my obsession onto my daughter as well! Also, my dog has a constant PINK nose from me! My family loves that about me :)! Not so sure about Gordie – but he loves me too!

    • Tracy

      Oh man. If I wore lipstick, I’m pretty sure Cooper’s cheeks would be permanently pink!!

  • EatLiveRun

    Love this. Thanks for featuring my mango lassis—I need to meet Cooper!

  • cindy

    I’m pretty much just going to pretend that you posted a link to those birthday cards for me. Yay! Happy Weekend Tracy!

  • Candice

    I adores Rebecca! I’ve said in the past that she’s like my Oprah! She inspires me in so many ways. I think she’s just amazing and wonderful. 🙂

  • OliePants

    I love your lists and that you included me. The pasta was delicious. Thank you for the list and the recipe! 🙂

    I have to agree with my buddy Cooper – mango lassis are pretty much the bomb.com

  • Marissa | Pinch&Swirl

    Tons of good stuff here, thanks Tracy. It’s finally heating up here and I can’t wait to grill this weekend so those brioche buns just got added to my ‘to do’. Thanks!

  • Val

    So much good stuff! The bundt cake post is awesome and Depressedcopywriter.com cracked me up.

  • jen @ the baked life

    I LOOOOOVE GGC. Rebecca’s photos of her little twins make my ovaries hurt……and my little one is only 3 months old.

    god help me.

  • anne

    What an amazing post on food photography! I just want to glean as much information from her as I can. Thank you SO much for posting the link to that, I’m inspired.

  • Simone

    I love hopw you include your recipes adapted on other peoples blogs!

  • Simone

    How* Recipes* :/

  • Amanda Barkey

    “When I get in the decorating zone, I’m gonna exploit this.”
    Oh Tracy Benjamin, you make me smile 🙂

  • Robyn

    made that lemon rhubarb bundt yesterday and everyone FREAKED out. so glad it was on i love lists friday! also substituting the word hydrated for moist is just inspired.

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