January 27, 2017

I love lists

I love lists on Shutterbean.com

Welcome to I love lists. It’s Friday!! Let’s surf the internet together:

  1. Tsh gives a little tour of her bullet journal pages. LOVE
  2. Gimme these chicken pineapple skewers. Please/thank you.
  3. Deb! On the Food Network! YAAAAS.
  4. Whhaaaaaat am I looking at?
  5. You can make your own junior mints? whoa.
  6. This excites me. But it also makes me sad.
  7. Legos turned into food things.
  8. Dan Aykroyd writes about Carrie Fisher <3
  9. I want to go out and photograph at night soon.
  10. What the world looks like if you have different types of color blindness.
  11. If you saw La La Land, you’ll probably enjoy this.
  12. How Restaurants Prep for a VIP.
  13. Have you ever stopped to think how technology is being designed for you?
  14. All of this is incredibly beautiful. 
  15. Mindy Kaling. Interesting.  I was hoping Jennifer Lawrence, cuz she’s a Leo.
  16. I really enjoyed watching this- Darjeeling Limited- How Brothers Communicate 
  17. How to make an avocado rose.
  18. I can’t tell if these shoes are cute. I’m sure they’re comfortable, though.
  19. How Louis CK tells a joke.  Loved this.
  20. This place is unreal.
  21. What you should do after paying off your debt.
  22. Practical Uses for Cats totally #5
  23. Something I want to make soon and this too!


  • Ashley

    My friend has those Clark shoes, and they are super cute in person! She says they are comfortable, too.

  • India

    Ahh that La La Land vimeo made me happy. The music is so good! I love those Clark shoes. I tried them on and sadly they didn’t fit me. Also thrilled about Deb. Great round-up!! Happy weekend, yay!!

  • Julie

    Those shoes are SUPERCUTE. I saw a girl wearing them one day and actually asked her what they were (I’m an introvert.) I bought them and people ask me about them all the time. They are comfy and I am standing almost all day.

  • AshleyJ

    I have those shoes & love them. Like walking on clouds! They’re great for work. And I always get compliments on them- people can’t believe they are clarks!

  • Nadia C.

    I have the Clarks shoes in “sage leather”! Not only are they comfortable, they are very cute with a pair of rolled hem jeans. Good idea to consider them, I’ve wanted to get myself another pair.

  • allison

    The shoes are indeed cute. I seem to be the only one that they didn’t work for, though… they hit me right in that horrible spot under the ankle bone that you never think about until there’s a shoe rubbing up against it.

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