July 21, 2017


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com

Welcome to I Love Lists. It’s Friday, let’s surf the internet together!

  1. People recreate Beyonce Twins photo. LOL
  2. My friend Andrea came to SF for a visit last year & made this.
  3. Speaking of…I could get lost on this site. Such beautiful work.
  4. I mean… I already knew that but I don’t need to be reminded of it.
  5. The reason why everyone is drinking Rosé now…..
  6. Life tip: take a photo so you’re not anxious while you’re away from home
  7. These fish farms look like astrological charts to me.
  8. Super Cute Beach Bags: one / two / three / four
  9. Magic found in an old camera.
  10. In & Out Burger intel
  11. Some sanity tips if you work alone.
  12. I’ve seen one of these in person...I am not surprised it failed.
  13. Avoid Kid’s Menu Traps!
  14. SFMOMA now texts you art if you’d like!
  15. Zucchini Pasta Bake of my dreams.
  16. This Blueberry Lime Poppy Seed Cake looks pretty/epic.
  17. This is our future? Can we not?
  18. Dear Husbands:
  19. These are my favorite reusable grocery bags. THEY HOLD A TON.
  20. What an artist’s dream!
  21. If you want to be inspired by sketchbooks.
  22. If you feel lonely
  23. Affirmations for your astrological sign (I’m a leo)
  24. Movie props and the stories behind them! 
  • Jamie Saville

    I always love these lists but have to respectfully disagree with number 5. True reason we are all drinking Rosé…2 Dope Queens!

  • chris

    Do you have a travel guide to San Fransisco (and the area)? We will be there in a couple weeks and am looking for suggestions. I tried the search feature but didn’t find anything and would love to hear your recommendations!

  • Kimberly

    I realllllllly needed that Sagittarius affirmation yo. Thank you!

  • Denise

    Tracy, I look forward to reaching these lists every week! Thank you for keeping them up after all this time. And, that cheese board is so epic!

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