goodbye napa house

henry & casey

crab & cucumber sitting on my lap

peaches for peach crisp!

towel party

night time swimming

the moon (not the sun)

this weekend marked the last weekend that we will be spending at Casey’s brother & sister-in-law’s house.

    things i will never forget about this house:

-all the times we spent out in the backyard by the pool
-listening to classic rock on the hello-kitty boombox
-watching Emma & Spencer dive off the diving board for the first time!
-watching Casey & his brothers come up with new ways to throw a ball & have someone catch it off the diving board
-blown up barbie heads in the backyard
-lighting our first fire outside
-that night we went to the french laundry & hopped right into the pool without clothes on
-playing catch in the front yard
-the wonderful feeling of being relaxed after spending all weekend in the sun
-the ice cream man…choco taco…watermelon schnapps!
-spencer the master of smores!
-that creepy neighbor & the *damnit-amber* neighbor!
-all the food we ate & the wine we drank….

the good times…the bad times…this house sure did have mojo! you will be missed, dear napa house.

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