My Everyday Life: Week 37

Here’s what this past week looked like:

“TAKE A PICTURE OF ME HUGGING A DONUT!!!”  This kid is definitely mine.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

Without proper editing, you can see a notebook, headphones, binoculars & crumbs. Oh! And pajamas. I left it all in there on purpose. Eggs & Salsa for breakfast.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

Something that’s been on my mind as I get back to normal eating.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

It’s always so nice when the fog rolls in.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

Watt Joy INDEED.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

A chili recipe…that was a BUST.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

I love that we all have different color eyeballs in our house. Cooper’s a green eyed beauty.

Casey is blue & I’m brown.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

I like to look at what people pin from my site. It makes me remember certain recipes I’ve forgotten about.

Also— CARBS.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

A nice little collection…

My Everyday Life: Week 37

On a walk…

My Everyday Life: Week 37

Another STELLAR collection from a walk. I like looking for feathers cuz it’s like Easter egg hunting!

My Everyday Life: Week 37

Proof that I don’t ALWAYS wear black.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

A moment of silence.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

Lines please me. Always have. Always will.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

We have to remind Cooper that he likes pasta. It took us like 20 minutes to convince him and then he was like “OH! OK!”  I mean…what kid doesn’t like pasta?

My Everyday Life: Week 37

Sun goes down…. in my glasses.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

I am going to miss my evening walks when it gets SUPER dark SUPER early.

But then I’ll be thankful for fireplaces…cozy nights and hot toddies

I’m kinda wondering how I’m gonna get my daily 10k steps in on my Fitbit when it’s stormy out…

My Everyday Life: Week 37


My Everyday Life: Week 37

And when I ran out…I adapted!

My Everyday Life: Week 37

I pulled some Cheddar Jalapeño Biscuits out of the freezer/popped into oven and made Casey this breakfast.

Pan roasted tomatoes with basil & a fried on top.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

A delicious granola recipe coming your way!

My Everyday Life: Week 37

Bits of red on leaves outside…. Fall is my favorite time of year.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

Goodbye sunflowers.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

Out of breath. Well maybe, BREATHTAKING.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

Eggs with Arugula Pesto (recipe soon!) avocado and tomatoes.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

Mossy goodness.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

A hike up Mt. Tam.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

With my favorite dog, Siena.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

All cute in blue.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

Is that where you put them? Cool.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

My favorite number upside down.

My Everyday Life: Week 37

Hope you’re having a great weekend! xo

  • biobabbler

    A CHARMING, lovely collection, as ever. It’s such a soothing thing to cruise through on the weekend, your photo reel. *happy sigh* Lovely part of my routine.

    You son has what my husband calls supernova eyes. =)

    Your cooking is ALWAYS an inspiration for me, so THANK YOU for that continued little “Look at what you could make!’ spark.

    And lastly: (I’m a biologist so I am required by law to say that the “moss” is lichen. xoxoxoxo!!!)

  • Jennifer

    When did Cooper’s eyes change/solidify to that lovely green color? I ask because I am blue eyed, my husband is hazel, and our eight month old so far has blue – but we’ve heard green can change late, sometimes up to age three.

    • Tracy

      They started changing when he was about 2 and have continually changed since!

      • Jennifer

        See (never no pun intended)! This is why I can’t convince myself my boy’s will stay blue forever. Most babies keep the same eye color from nine months on, but green can be a surprise as in Cooper’s case. Thanks for sharing.

        • Jamie

          Cooper has amazing eyes! My husband and I have brown but our 1-year old currently has this funky blue/grey/hazel color that matches his paternal Grandpa. I hope it doesn’t go brown. = )

  • Darci

    I love your silver bracelets…can you tell me about the linked one?

  • Sarah

    Oh LOL the joint trench.

  • meg

    love, love, love it.
    Your photos always make me happy

  • Christine @ BookishlyB

    I love the idea of capturing life a week at a time- I’m the yearbook adviser at the high school where I work at and it reminds me of the time we attempted a chronological book. Maybe I’ll do my own Shutterfly or Mixbook book next year chronicling life a week at time.

  • Kelsey

    I’m so in awe of the beauty all around your house and on your walks. I live in the middle of the Phoenix suburbs, womp womp, thanks for the glimpse at the trees and hills, ahhhhh!

  • lynn @ the actor's diet

    I’ve got several pix of me hugging donuts. I think we’re all related!!!

  • Ellen

    What a nice array of egg dishes you’ve been making!
    And you say “also carbs”, I say “always carbs”:)

  • Katy @ Katy's Kitchen

    I can’t wait for that granola recipe because I see cashews in there, my all time favourite nut! I totally agree on the pinning thing. I find it really funny to read what people change the description to sometimes. Have a great weekend!

  • Emily @ Life on Food

    I was once in a pedometer challenge and when I needed more steps I would walk around the house brushing my teeth. It was a good 100 steps at least two times a day. I told my dentist once and she laughed for a good long time and then said she loved the idea. I am not so sure.

  • Aimee Wimbush-Bourque

    I’m pretty sure all kids like pasta. Go Cooper!

    I bought a FitBit because of you. But in the last week I only hit 10K steps once! Need to walk the kids to school more often I guess. It’s a great incentive to get out the door.

  • Amanda

    I love the photos from your walks! Thanks for sharing!

  • Molly

    Lovely! This is a great series.

  • Sonal

    These pictures are beautiful! 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I love your “everyday life” posts immensely. I admire how you can make things like stains on a street look beautiful, it totally inspires me to try to stop and appreciate more.

    And as a total food addict, I love seeing how you bring balance into your life with walks and salads that look incredible. Thanks.

    And oh yeah, those doughnuts look GINORMOUS.

  • mini-cake

    You mentioned you’re trying to get back to normal eating. I know you were juicing and have been walking more. Are you doing anything else? I constantly struggle and would love to hear some healthy eating tips that you may be following. I noticed no carbs with your yummy egg breakfast…

  • Megan Q

    My wedding anniversary is Sept. 18th so that number is a favorite of mine as well! Great pics, Fall is my favorite too – I can’t wait for the leaves to change here in Maine!

  • anne taylor

    Wow, those views from your walks are AHMAZING. I’m trying to think about my walks last winter, and when I got all my steps in. I know that I went for as many walks as I could in the morning as the sun came up, and that whenever possible, Spencer and I would go for walks at night when he got home from work. We’d fill our travel mugs with hot cider (and bourbon, duh) and go look at Christmas lights in our neighborhood. I’m excited for those days now that we’ve moved and live in an actual neighborhood.

  • Kasey

    Omg, does Cooper really say things like that? That is amazing. I can’t wait til Neko is his age! I hear it happens quick 🙂

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