Intentions for the Week is a list of things to do this week from Tracy of All good work starts with a good list!

This is an experiment.

If I share my list of intentions for the week on my site, will I be more motivated to accomplish them?

I think I will!

Let’s help hold each other accountable for what we intend on accomplishing this week.

I’ve been really dragging my feet on sending out packages, so MARK MY WORDS.



  • invoice food network
  • return gap order
  • return library books
  • send out letters
  • paint toenails (can’t deal with chipped polish anymore)
  • put away winter clothes + say hello to spring capsule
  • make a list of things I take to baseball practice/games
  • delete 1000 images off my iPhone
  • work on book project
  • start mapping out lady portrait wall (make mock up?)
  • backup photos/delete some/ make space on hard-drive
  • figure out if I have one eyebrow or two- act accordingly
  • send out packages to: camden + emma + erin
  • drink more water. SERIOUSLY DON’T FORGET.
  • clean out the back of my car
  • figure out Etsy shop stuff, fall down a CONTACT US rabbit hole.
  • finish S-town
  • make a video for Instagram- figure out music
  • make ziti/edit photos/write a blog post about it
  • figure out more recipes to add into meal rotation
  • get caught up on social media stuff
  • go to yoga at least twice
  • take a hike
  • finish laundry
  • work nights doing tax stuff/get caught up on bookkeeping
  • rest/regroup/recharge

What do you have to do this week?

TYPE IT OUT in the comments so we can help each other be accountable for this week! 

  • Ashley

    This is great!!

    Go to CrossFit twice (even if it is a running WOD)
    Text friends to catch up- Kayla+Ashley
    Freeze meals for easy weeknight dinners
    Read a book (less TV)
    Clean out closet- donate things I didn’t wear once this winter
    Clean bathroom
    Clean all floors
    Clean sliding door
    Make a cleaning schedule to I stop putting it all off 🙂
    Send Tracy a letter!

  • Cle

    Ha, I have been using an app to track my to-dos. Had twins two months ago and I’m so tired and overwhelmed by baby care that I had to figure out a way to keep track of all the other stuff needjng to be done.

    But good to see I’m not the only person who drags their feet about sending packages out! I HATE it! And it isn’t even that hard…

    • Tracy

      It’s never that hard.
      Why do I make it so hard?
      I think it’s because I want to stockpile as many fun things as possible and don’t want to limit myself.
      but then it never gets done
      so here’s to it getting done!
      The thing is
      IT IS GOOD ENOUGH…even if it’s not filled with allllll the treasures.
      It’s great, actually
      because I took the time
      and everyone wins!

  • Leslie

    Clean out fridge
    Clean fridge
    Clean bathroom
    Clean all floors
    Drop off clothing donations
    Get/purchase book club book
    Research bullet journal notebooks
    Book hotel for Easter weekend getaway

    I’m sure there’s more but this is just what I thought of today!

  • Sarah

    I am so impressed! Let’s do this!

    Mine are:
    Walk to work if it isn’t raining
    Gifts at Fishes Eddy for T & M
    Gift for Nancy at B&N
    Yoga on Thursday
    No wine Mon-Thurs
    Finally finish thank you notes
    Trader Joes run for lunch salads
    Pack lunch Tues-Thurs
    Finish book- Behind Her Eyes

    PS- have you looked into Gretchen Rubin’s personality system ‘the Four Tendencies’? You are def an Upholder. So am I.

    • Tracy

      I like this no wine from Mon-Thurs. Good goal!
      I am totally an upholder/i think i am also a rule questioner too. is that part of her book? i read too many self help books to keep track!


    • talia

      I do the ‘no wine Mon-Thurs’ as well! Makes that Friday night wine taste so dang good! 🙂

  • Morgan

    Love this idea!

    FOOD – cook vegan all week
    test vegan snickerdoodle recipes
    make instant pot daal
    make instant pot cauliflower soup
    make cashew cream

    HOME – spring cleaning
    clean out utility closet
    sell/donate clothes
    add art to insurance policy

    BODY – don’t get injured!
    7am boot camp
    9am yoga
    Tues/Thurs run – limit to half hour (I have a habit of overdoing it and then missing my big weekend run due to injury or fatigue)

    MIND – staying in joy
    daily 2 min meditation
    daily Pema Chodron chapter
    finish ‘The Underground Railroad” before book club on Sunday
    write 1 new blog post
    sunset beach walks with the pup

    WORK – plant some seeds
    send out emails to baby wearing mama friends for interviews
    update google form with logo, post on parenting facebook groups
    seek sponsorship with apparel companies
    verify dates for yoga coaching
    get on sub list at another yoga studio
    pitch 5 stories

    ETC -TCB
    pay chiropractor and get FSA reimbursement
    send penpals cards
    book Asia return flight
    buy season ski pass
    return earbuds

  • Christa

    email board committee I’m leading re: Thursday meeting
    agenda for meeting!
    go to gym on Tuesday and Wednesday
    call carpet cleaners to price (and then schedule it already)
    get bloodwork done
    get potting soil and plant olive tree
    stretch. every day. even when I don’t feel like it.
    return horrible sandals

    • Tracy

      horrible sandals are the worst!
      i’m trying to stretch too.
      my posture from being on the computer and standing over food taking photos of it is THE WORST RIGHT NOW!

  • Rebeca

    I’m in!

    Get rid of clothes/shoes I no longer use
    Clean the bathroom
    Prep snacks – broccoli balls, crackers, something with hazelnut butter
    Donate books
    Take care of emails that I’ve been putting off for wayyy too long
    Get out every day to enjoy the sun and just be
    Write note to send to parents
    Give my skin some love!
    Get on skype to have some time with my favourite lady
    Send package to said lady
    Try and find a cheap place for a weekend getaway
    Get up early and surprise him with a nice breakfast
    Write more

  • Laura

    Start the #100dayproject !
    Meet friend for coffee
    Unpack from weekend away
    Get over cold
    Move/exercise (depending how ^ goes)
    Email the people
    Return library books

    • Tracy

      Hope you feel better! Rest if you need to! Respect your body 🙂

      • Laura

        Totally milked the resting thing… but! I felt better in a week and usually a cold lasts longer than that for me. Now I am good to go!

  • Jennie

    You have a LOT going on. I’m already impressed. And I love this idea!

    Pick up storage bins at the Container Store
    Bake birthday cookies for 2 friends
    Returns to Old Navy + JCrew
    Get sunglasses fixed
    Clean stove top
    Pick up dry cleaning
    Drop off a check
    Drop off diaper bank donation
    Wash scarves/coats/winter gear that can go in the machine

    • Tracy

      Goodbye, winter!!!!!!!
      What kind of cookies are you making?

      • Jennie

        Just good old chocolate chip, with the rest of the dough in the freezer for the minute Whole 30 is over! I love these posts, Tracy, I’m keeping on track. I hope your week is going well too. 🙂

        • Tracy

          When does it end? What day are you on? Good luck!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT

  • Airlie Loiaconi

    I love this!!

    ~Drink a full pitcher of water every day
    ~Step away from my cubicle at least 3 times and go for a walk at lunch
    ~Do a face mask
    ~Read 3 magazines (my pile is out of control)
    ~Less takeout, more whole food
    ~Mail gift to Beverly
    ~Leave for work with enough time to walk to the office (seriously, leave the damn house on time!)

    • Tracy

      Oooh! You can walk to work? I’ve always wanted that situation.
      You must step away from the cubicle! Set some timers if you have to!

  • Reannon

    Hey Tracey! Something I found super useful when I was trying to up my water intake was to set an hourly alarm on my phone. I set it 8 times a day so each time it went it sounded I drank a glass of water or took a swig from my water bottle if I was out. And yes, my family thought it was a great joke but after a month I was back in the habit & didnt neeednthe alarms anymore 🙂

  • Rachel

    Really just doing it because I want a comment back from you, Tracy 🙂

    This week I will…
    make dinner with friends
    not eat too much cake
    make my bed
    be on time
    clean off my table
    mail letters and packages
    do an art project
    exercise 3 times
    pack for my trip
    play with my cat

  • Mandi

    Mine is taxes – ugh!

  • erica

    good for you! is this an ambitious list? or normal for you in an average week? I’m impressed. In my post-spring-break re-entry mode I am afraid to even make a list. Good luck, can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  • Rebe

    I have to join in because parts of your list had me laughing which did wonders for my stress level. Thank you! Here’s some of what’s on mine:
    -contact all volunteers/update volunteer hours/train remaining volunteers
    -6 storytimes
    -practice violin for orchestra/quartet rehearsal
    -mail birthday cards to Holly, Lucy and Grandma
    -take at least 2 walks
    -design summer reading brochures
    -trivia night
    -wash all sheets
    -see at least 2 movies at the Cleveland International Film Festival
    -plan game night
    -pay accountant

  • fusilliamy

    I soooo need this this week!! You have a lot of exciting things going on! And also very real life things – I can’t wait to tend to my eyebrow too! YOU GOT THIS!!

    Move this body 30 min a day
    Schedule time with old friends
    Finish resume
    Job applications
    Visit downtown & take pics of my favorite historic homes
    Setup utilities
    Change address – see list
    Pick-up moving truck & unpack storage unit!
    Remember to breathe
    Clean out car
    Skincare! Errrrday!
    Find purrfect card to mail to Tracy 🙂
    Move into new apt and feel all the feelings
    Drink first Rose of the season
    JTB book signing!

  • Rachel

    Thanks for sharing Tracy- yay accountability! I’m excited to see something about Food Network and that a book is in the works on your list! My list is:
    Edit photos for book club post
    Test at least 2 new passionfruit recipes
    Research Tumblr
    Apply for at least one job
    Pay bills
    Start formatting a business card

  • Caroline

    Don’t waste time cooking recipes off of blogs, only use my tried & true source
    Start seeds
    Get off the internet

  • Jane M

    Hi Tracy! Is the list you posted also in your bullet journal? I find it satisfying to tick off the TO DO’s in the journal (when I kept 1 🙂 ). I can’t make my list here because I’m a freak if I don’t tick off EVERYTHING immediately! HAHA! But I am going to Aqua Aerobics 5x this week! YEEE HAAAAW!

  • Jess

    Man – O – Man …. this is great! I’m a list person – I love writing out lists….and making goals for the week. However, I tend to stray away from my lists…so bad. Here are my intentions for the week:

    1) Mail out Arin’s wedding gift; mail mom her jalapeno jam (these were supposed to go out 2 weeks ago)….so BAD!
    2) Organize closet and clothes – moving in 2 mos time with boyfriend and I will need to downsize a bit.
    3) Plan meals/snacks for weekend fishing trip
    4) Plan trip to Portland & Multnomah Falls bday trip
    5) Finish crocheting Kristin’s market bag – needs to be in the mail by Friday

  • sarajane

    Another list junkie here:

    – Send bereavement donation
    – Clean overstuffed freezer
    – Disinfect kitchen garbage can (ewww!)
    – Touch up white trim paint (back hall, kitchen, front porch)
    – Pick up taxes
    – Set up new Roku box
    – Polish silverware
    – Clean up laundry area
    – Haircut
    – Pedicure
    – Post Office for return (ugh – this is hard for me, too!)

  • Laura

    “1 eyebrow or 2 – act accordingly”
    LOL big time

  • Jamie

    Faithfully enjoy playing with paper for my 100 Days Project
    Meditate at least twice
    Yoga at least twice
    Practice my dances before rehearsal on Thursday
    Plan meals for the rest of the week
    Inventory my fridges, freezers, pantry and cupboards so I STOP SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY ON GROCERIES EACH MONTH (sorry for yelling)
    Hug my little man until he squeals
    Hug my big man until he moans (wink wink)
    NOT play Angry Birds Blast before bed

    (I wish I could have “invoice food network” on my list… = )

    • Tracy

      Ooh! What are you going to do for your 100 days project?
      hahaa. i like this list. (wink wink)
      how long do you meditate for?
      i’d love to meditate twice a week. maybe i’ll start

      • Jamie

        for my 100 days I’m playing with paper – collage, origami, drawing mandalas, making books, whatever strikes my fancy that day; it’s more to establish the habit of using my beautiful studio than to produce anything specific. Since I LOVE paper and my word for the year is PLAY it seemed like a good match. @curlygirlj if you want to check in.

        I like to meditate a minimum of 10 minutes but I’m having a hard time fitting even that in to my days. I figure I can do it at least twice a week though, right?

  • Anne

    I need to give up eating candy because I struggle with self-control, as in I have no willpower. I also need more joy and fun plans in my life!

  • Rebecca

    If you’re motivated by habit apps like I am, try the app called Plant Nanny for drinking water. You set a daily water goal, and water a cute plant every time you drink some. It sounds silly, but it really helped me drink a lot more water and stick with it for a whole year so far!

    • Tracy

      wow! thanks for the tip! i’ll have to check it out. I’m trying to cut down how many apps I have- it’s such a challenge, but maybe this will be a good replacement for one I don’t use.

  • Malia

    Drinking more water is a worthy goal. Here’s how I made drinking tons of water a daily habit…

    I purchased an Aladdin Insulated Stainless Steel To-Go Tumbler and carry it everywhere I go (literally everywhere..I’ve left it in a movie theatre, at restaurants, in a coffee shop…). I like my water cold water, so I fill it with ice and it stays pretty chilly. I also find that I drink more water when I drink from a straw (who knew?).

    Good luck.

  • Erica

    What a great list!

    Finish S-town too! – So GOOD!
    Yoga x1 Run x1 Workout x3
    Finish my cookie blog post and figure out a theme for my 10 on 10 post
    Meal plan/prep on Sunday
    Shave my legs (its been winter, but yikes! haha)

    Have a good week!

  • libby

    On Design for Mankind’s website the other day, Erin gave a great tip to drink more water.
    Force yourself to drink two tall glasses before coffee.
    Force yourself to drink two tall glasses before afternoon tea.
    Force yourself to drink two tall glasses before evening wine.

    It sounds easy… I’m trying it. I’m the kind of person who works well with a rewards system.

    • Tracy

      Ohh I like that. Also kinda makes me feel full just thinking about it!

  • Shannon

    Lucky for me, this week is Spring Break. So my goals are:
    Enjoy a trip out of town
    Visit with family

    • Tracy

      those sound like some really good goals! Have a great weekend, Shannon!

  • Emma

    Tracy, I love your blog and ideas. I always open whatever comes from you with eagerness.
    Your “intentions for the week” pushed me to download all my pictures from my phone! Bravo and thanks!

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