December 20, 2018

Fun Gift Guide



Favorite Fun Things to Buy for your White Elephant gift exchange picked by Tracy from Shutterbean.com

For many years our holidays were spent with my in-laws (a lot of them moved out of CA!) and our family tradition included a White Elephant gift exchange. It was always one of my most favorite parts of our holidays. We would all gather around together and laugh/steal presents.  Lottery tickets are always an exciting wild card to the party!  Today I put together this little  Fun Gift Guide if you’re last minute shopping (like me!) and need some of my favorite ideas.

  1. Table Tennis Kit we have one of these and it is AWESOME.
  2.  Shower Cup Holder – who doesn’t want wine in the shower?
  3. Light Box Letters  -got this at the white elephant gift exchange last year! I have it in my office and it’s awesome.
  4. Karaoke Mic – if you follow my Instagram stories, you already know how much I love this.
  5. Drinking Buddies I bought these drink markers for my Mom one year. We still use them!
  6.  Rainbow Maker  – give the gift of rainbows! I gave my Mom this two years ago and it’s still up in her kitchen making rainbows.
  7. Amazon Gift Card – gift cards are my love language. They create opportunities to get whatever I what when I want it!
  8. Tool Kit -these are always a hot commodity when there are dudes around. I think it would be smart to keep one in my car.
  9. Cards Against Humanity Always good for a laugh! I have fond memories playing this game with my Mom + Dad in Tahoe.

Happy gift giving!


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