My Everyday Life: Week 35

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 35

I cleaned up my desk and created a new vision board!

Sparkles at the Palace of Fine Arts.

Setting up a shot with Cooper.

We took pictures of our friends who are moving back East.

Little Grace!

I made eye contact with this thing last night.

I celebrated my birthday (again!) with friends!

Birthday cake acquired!

Doodling while chatting!

Sam, Cooper & Oscar!

We are back to school lunch making!

My Dad always hops in the front whenever we take a lyft or uber.

Family dinner with Jillian at Delfina!

We needed a pasta fix!

And of course we couldn’t miss out on the fried zucchini blossoms.

Panna cotta is my favorite.

Cocktails at Ryan & Ali’s! 

Met a woman named Beverly. Had an amazing conversation with her.

Spent the night up in Sonoma with my cousin and her friends visiting from the east coast.

Dinner at the Girl & the Fig!

It was so nice to be around women closer to my Mom’s age. It felt like a big hug!

Picnic in Sonoma!

I kept seeing things that said BE HAPPY while I was in Sonoma. This one was my favorite sign.

Never grow up!

I went into Chico’s. 

This made me laugh.

And then this was on the other side!

A classic dinner made with meal prep!

Outgoing orders from my Etsy shop.

Going through clothes for a friend.

Nacho Tuesday!

Another dinner aided with meal prep.

Rock collection.

Another family dinner night!

This time we went to Barbara’s!

I loved this sign.


Outside my dad’s house.

His eyes with the son coming through.

Turkey feathers everywhere.

Creating structure for weeks ahead. This is my calendar that I alter every week. 

Meal prep this week!  Sausage soup, granola, and tuna salad made an appearance.

I roasted garlic too!

Some of my favorite recipes are featured on the Kitchn this weekend! Go check it out!



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