July 27, 2018


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. I really needed to read this bit about grief.
  2. Teachers have the best hacks.
  3. Have you ever done some of these? Makes you think!
  4. Some writing prompts if you wanna get into journaling.
  5. The pyschology behind Instant Pot’s success.
  6. How Birkenstocks became fashionable again.
  7. Have you wanted to learn more about ASMR?
  8. JOMO is the new FOMO
  9. Youth is wasted on the young
  10. The best memes of all time (so far)
  11. Bakers are getting tired of people wanting instagram ready cakes
  12. Chair art!
  13. Mustard on hot dogs for me. NO KETCHUP.
  14. 100% nope
  15. These falafel bowls look great
  16. Some of the world’s most striking iPhone images
  17. Hahaa #4 
  18. A vegan peanut butter banana pudding that looks great!
  19. All the things that shouldn’t be in your bedroom (but most likely are!)
  20. Wanna be productive?  Follow your energy
  21. People in glass houses
  22. DIY creative trends to try right now


Finished Calypso while on vacation. Picked up Slow Love from my Mother-in-Law’s bookshelf.





  • pathom

    Outstanding list of links this week! Thank you!

  • Lauren

    Tracy, I always look forward to your ‘i love lists’ posts, but the article about grief in #1 is one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever shared. I really needed to read it. I cried and shared it before I even finished reading it. So lovely.

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