February 23, 2018


 I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. What’s the best thing you’ve done to get your finances in order?
  2. What’s it like to be on Master Chef? Apparently, it’s terrible.
  3. The boys are not right.
  4. Raising a son today.
  5. I got Fight Club. 100% accurate.
  6. Design Fails!!! I love them so much.
  7. My husband and I are xennials
  8. Time to go on a road trip.
  9. I really need to make focaccia again.
  10. Sepsis is what landed my mom in the ER before she died.
  11. Apparently the last wild horses aren’t.
  12. Two new flavors of coca-cola…
  13. Oh man. I needed to see Oprah surprise someone so bad.
  14. Flowers/plants vs. ice — this is very relaxing
  15. How to capture the perfect sunrise
  16. Another case for a digital detox... I really enjoyed mine.
  17. I can’t wait to see another Wes Anderson movie.
  18. When people think they’ve met a celebrity. Lol.
  19. This was actually my experience with Weight Watchers.
  20. Pizza bowl. Yay or nay?  Mine is low carb…
  21. What I want to eat all the time: Avocado Toast Pizza
  22. Things on the internet that are helpful/free
  23. I really really love Johnny Weir. 
  24. Congrats on your book baby! Can’t wait to get a copy in my hands!


Currently Loving- Shutterbean

this wall calendar download has changed my life

Brunch is Hell <— the writing is so good I don’t want to put down

My current favorite dress  from Target hugs all the curves nicely

Everything Sucks!  <—- giving me major high school flashbacks


  • Becky

    My dad also died of sepsis. We felt so helpless. I’d never heard of sepsis until it took his life 2 years ago. My thoughts are with you I’m sure you miss her every second everyday.

    • Tracy

      I do miss her everyday! Yesterday was one of my worst days without her. I felt so unbelievably sad.
      I had no idea what sepsis was either. 🙁

  • Elena

    Please elaborate your weight watchers experience. Did you consider it restrictive?

    • Tracy

      I fell into a pattern of eating that was very hard for me to maintain while running my blog. Being weighed was really great. I enjoyed that accountability but I didn’t like how I had the stress the night before weigh in. My life revolved around food when I was on WW and I felt like a slave to it.

      Also, socializing and going out to eat is very challenging when you’re counting points. That always made me feel paralyzed in the process.

  • ZLK

    Coca Cola: interesting! I live in japan and they just released peach coke last month, but obviously not Georgia peach, and it’s just regular plastic coke bottles.

    I had to try it and it was kinda like a sweeter fruitier coke. Probably wouldn’t drink it again… haha

  • Marla

    Your cardinal drawing is so cute! Well done! ❤️

  • Dare

    Yes, come to Alberta! I’ll be your tour guide. I live in Calgary, near Banff, and grew up near Jasper!
    I’ve always felt like we could be best friends haha and now we can test my theory out!

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