June 23, 2016

Currently: June 2016

Currently : June 2016 on Shutterbean.com!

Currently I am:

Wondering if you’d like to see my stream of consciousness in list form. HERE IT IS.

Tired from travel…getting back in the routine SLOWLY but surely.

Happy that I don’t have to wake up at 6:30AM until end of August.

Taking my time in the mornings. Not eating breakfast right away (it’s hard).

Fostering the love between two cats. THAT’S RIGHT WE HAVE TWO NOW.

Contemplating switching fonts on my blog. I don’t think this one suits me.

Dreaming about a legit vacation with my family involving a lake or beach.

Fantasizing about cherry pie filling…and ice cream.

Wondering if I’ll ever see a game at Fenway Park.

Trying to eat less carbs. The struggle is real. #ihadpizzalastnight

Finishing unpacking from my Aspen trip. I usually unpack the day of. #tired

Working my way out of a creative rut. Trying new mediums.

Figuring out how I can plan a monthly ladies craft night at my house.

Needing to wash the outside of my car SO BAD.

Drowning in paper piles. WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY?!!!

Getting more photo gigs and am excited about that.

Trying to finish working on my Summer Capsule Wardrobe….thinking about how nudists don’t make capsule wardrobes.

Enjoying my time on snapchat (name: tshutterbean). You get to see my weirdo brain there- also CATS.

Looking for a lighter robe situation for the summer/missing my winter robe.

Not feeling like cooking. Well…maybe I feel like grilling. Just grilling.

Working on a book proposal… second guessing myself.

Downloading software and apps to help the process but getting sucked in by new software.

Trying to stay on top of deleting photos off my phone I don’t need. Kinda failing.

Figuring out new ways to procrastinate….that don’t cost money.

Rearranging things on our deck to make a good hangout place.

Obsessively pinning things to these two boards: New Old House + Out Doors

Bleaching & dyeing all of the things.

Starting the new season of Orange is the New Black.

Researching: comfortable sandals, essential oils for bug bites, linen sheets, eye cream

Wondering why my husband and child have SO MANY BASEBALL HATS.

Measuring things out for a project. Wondering how I will shoot such a small space.

Dealing with a cat who pees all over the place. My past cats never did that.

Healing the gut of a cat who has IBS– also new to me.

Pondering the state of our country…WHY ARE WE HERE?!

Wondering what you’d like to see here and how I can be useful to you.

Remembering that my birthday is soon. AHHH.

Remembering that my child’s birthday is relatively soon and how it always sneaks up on me right after we start the new school year.

Trying not to eat all the popsicles I made for you this week for #popsicleweek.

Wondering when I will have time to write that post up. Look out, Saturday.

Again, trying not to eat carbs and realizing the popsicles have peanut butter cookies in them.

Writing out some classes I’d like to teach.

Excited for my brother & sister-in-law to visit this weekend.

Thinking about making an ice cream cake.

In awe that July is coming up.

-June 2016

Feel free to type up your currently stream of consciousness in the comments.

It feels good…like a nice brain massage for people who love lists.

  • jill

    i love your blog and would love if you had a book! you have a great taste and i love learning from you!

    • Tracy

      Thank you. I really like the name Jill. Thank you for that reminder.

  • Ashley

    Please write a book.
    Please write a book.
    PLEASE write a book.

    Those are my thoughts. 😉

    • Julie


    • Tracy


      about what
      THANK YOU.

      • Ashley

        I mean I love your recipes, so any cookbook type thing would be the best. 🙂 You just make things seem so simple and delicious. I cook a lot and rarely repeat recipes, but have quite a few from you that I go to time and again. I think your photography and recipes would make an amazing combo in print!!

  • Caitlin

    So enjoying the pictures of your new cats! I’ve also dealt with a cat w/gut issues and another cat who would only pee/poop in the kitchen sink (gross!). For the gut health cat- probiotics and a raw food diet helped him the most. His fur also became so shiney and soft, like a giant bunny. We feed Primal raw cubes (no dry free feeding)- they’re a Bay Area company and we find the best prices at Pet Food Express.

    Regarding the cat who refused to use the litter, we purchased a litter pan without a hood and used Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract litter for a few months. I also gave him a treat every time i saw him use the box. It worked but it did take some time.

  • Megan@Cozy Eats

    Pleaaase write a book! I adore your recipes because they are simple but so good.

    And cat pee is the freaking worst. One of my cats will sometimes pee in my apartment when the litter box is too dirty for him if I miss a day cleaning it out. I clean their box every day (spoiled, right?). My trick is using diluted Listerine (the gold one) on the spot, or putting Listerine in the washing machine with whatever he peed on. It’s supposed to get rid of the scent so that they can’t smell the pee anymore, and won’t think it’s okay to go in that same spot. He also completely stopped using it when I first got them because his idiot brother scared him in the room that the litter box is in. If your kitty is skittish that could be why she is peeing everywhere too. I moved the box out of that room, and he started using it again. Cats can be so weird.

    • Tracy

      yes! that’s what’s happening. she’s got anxiety and we’re trying so many things to figure it out. it’s a process of elimination, for sure! I like this listerine tip. THANK YOU!


    I think my thoughts would be scary as I’m about to move in 21 days. But I do love and am inspired by you. : )

    • Tracy

      You will be so happy when you’re settled. Start thinking of the life you’re going to make, and focus less on the stress. It’s temporary! You’re making a shift!

  • Kelsey

    Oh Tracy, keep going with that book proposal girl!! And with the classes! From the outside it always seems like you lead such a creative and colorful life, and I am so inspired! I love that you make time for crafting and painting and good food and friends. Please write a book!

    Did you already read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, it was so inspiring to me, she is like a firm but supportive creative coach.

    A couple suggestions: this robe is amazing and soft and not too heavy #treatyoself: Gap Body Modal Robe.

    And you should definitely grill some broccoli this summer, it’s amazing! http://www.risingshining.com/2015/09/killer-grilled-broccoli.html

    • Tracy

      I tried that robe but I think I didn’t like the sleeves? are they not full length?

      • Kelsey

        Oh you are right! They are not full length. Hmm, I guess it hasn’t bothered me because I would usually roll sleeves up anyway – I sort of hate having anything on my wrists or ankles. But it’s nice because they don’t drag through things either when reaching for second cup of coffee/another donut etc. 🙂 Hope you find something that you love!

        And the book – someone mentioned below but a home style book with recipes and an element of hosting as well – ? I get a bit overwhelmed as a host but want to be better about it, tips for a small gathering, a large one, making guests feel at home, what to serve, etc. But then I also love your family, everyday meals, too. And remember Anne Lamott’s advice: there is always a shitty first draft. Get that out of the way and then keep on moving!

        • Kelsey

          I mean I love your everyday family meals, too. “I love your family” came out weird 😉

  • Alicia

    In no particular order:

    Hurrah for two cats! Try a feline pheremone plug-in. It reduces their stress and its odorless to humans, Really helps! There is also a spray. Might make them play nicer as they adjust.

    Best mid-weight to light robe: vintage kimonos on Etsy. Cheaper than you think plus a totally acceptable outside jacket in a pinch!

    Craft nights sound amazing–and maybe even an idea for that book? We all want you to write a book!

    • Tracy

      oh yes! we used that stuff with pinot and i remember it working for a bit. I’m gonna look on etsy for kimonos now! i’ve always wanted one!

  • Shawna

    Beach vacation – we’re going to Sayulita, Mexico in August. Low season so it’s hecka cheap, hardly anyone there and lots of cool things to do like paddleboard, surf, hiking, yoga. YOGA! We’re renting this amazing 3bdr house that’s a 2 minute walk to the beach and it’s only $1700 for the week. http://www.sayulitalife.com. (no, I don’t work for them, just super excited about vacation and REAL summer weather)

  • Jess

    You should TOTALLY write a book!!!!

  • Ronni

    I second the Cat Attract litter. It really seems to help. I just put “gold Listerine” on my shopping list to spray on old spots. Feliway plug-ins seem to help, too. It’s a process trying to figure these things out! Damn animals.

    I love your winter robe. I definitely plan to buy a robe with a hood this winter thanks to you.

    I’m the same with cooking. I just put everything on the grill these days. My favorite lazy meal is grilled bread and toppings (pesto, hummus, avocado, mashed beans, whatever!) and a salad.

    • Tracy

      i’m trying to get on the mashed bean band wagon (there’s no wagon. I just made that up). Tell me how you eat them!

      wait what is this gold listerine stuff. tell me more.

      • Ronni

        The mashed beans recipe is literally mashed beans! I marinate chickpeas or white beans (my fave) in olive oil and garlic and then mash them into a chunky paste and spread them on grilled bread. So good!

        Someone else mentioned the gold Listerine (Megan@Cozy Eats). I went out last week and bought it. I put it in a spray bottle. After I clean the pee spot with Nature’s Miracle, I spray it with Listerine. I have no idea if it’s actually working, but my basement doesn’t smell like cat pee … today. It’s a process.

        • Tracy

          Does it stain at all?

          • Ronni

            I used it on a concrete floor in the basement, so I just let it air dry. I’m not sure how it would work on carpet.

          • Tracy

            Ahhhh! Yeah…well we have BEIGE carpet in my house 🙁 So I am super curious if it just would make it look like more cat pee. DANG CATS!

  • hillary

    Thinking about jobs other than the one I am being paid to do right now.
    Wondering if I can get away with another day before grocery shopping.
    Realizing all I really want to eat are summer vegetables.
    Panicking that time to myself is going to disappear. And then disappear again.
    Cleaning the same bowl over and over and over again.
    Encouraging Tracy to send in that book proposal.

    • Tracy

      girl. i feel you.
      as long as you have frozen french fries, yes.
      I’m on a berry kick right now. Currently eating blueberries as I type this.
      But it always does.
      Yes…and then getting cat food on my fingers and wanting it to go away.
      Thanking you.
      mostly for this interaction. THANK YOU.

  • Sarah

    I’ve been googling “comfortable sandals” for DAYYYZZZZZZ. Please let me know what you come across that don’t look orthopedic. 🙂 There are a few pair of Kork Ease that seem cute, but thinking I should check stuff out in person.

  • Silvia

    The kitties should be fine? They are both kittens and new to the environment. They can be very rambunctious and play rough, but it is not a real fight. But if one kitty is suffering/ill/defensive because of IBS pain, she might be more defensive and not take to playing at all.

    IBS is rough. It might take just trying all kinds of stuff out until you find the thing that works for your kitty.

    A kitty not peeing in litterbox might also be a sign of illness/UTI. Get her checked out at the vet. If they are not in pain, they typically use the litterbox. But since she might be the one with IBS, she might associate pain with the litterbox and rather pee elsewhere. I have a cat like that. I put up some plastic bowls, like really large, laundry basket type of bowls, with an old towel inside, and she uses that. Easy to clean, better than a carpet. Rough stuff, but then, you love the kitties. You’ll figure it out. Give her a good alternative you both can agree on. 😉

    • Tracy

      i think she associates anxiety and stress with the litterbox. i like your idea of using an old towel inside. i think she’s be into that for sure! thank you!

  • Melissa

    Obvs love your recipes (esp: cheese! eggs! mexican! limes! Cocktails!!!) But would looove a house book from you. Shutterbean Style. We just moved into a bigger home and u literally have empty rooms and no idea how to fill them. I always find inspiration in your pics.

    • Tracy

      oh interesting! that’s good to know 🙂 THANKS for your input, Melissa!

  • Ashley

    I’m researching linen sheets, too!

    Also researching homes in Tuscany we could escape to for 3 weeks in the fall of 2017…

    Wondering what I’ll make with my CSA box that comes today.

    Looking forward to Friday night picnic in the park.

    Wanting to really slow down this summer.

    Have a nagging health concern that weighs on me.

    Trying to organize pantry shelves. Not my gift.

    Having a hard time relaxing in our backyard as there’s so much work that needs to be done back there.

    So proud of my 3 year old who is learning how to swim!!

    Thanks for sharing your head commentary 🙂

    • Tracy

      we got a really nice duvet cover from Target of all places! it’s linen and light weight. I love it.

      my dream is to live in tuscany for 3 months

      I’m sorry about your nagging health concern. I’ve been there. It’s annoying. Try to distract yourself with good things.

      Pantry shelves- take things one shelf at a time. Time yourself. Work in spurts.

      YAY for swimming kiddos! It’s a proud parent moment for sure.


  • Laura

    Wanting to start painting again this summer.
    Needing to get new watercolors.
    Wishing I had more time to read…my “To Read” list is getting long.
    Hoping you submit a book proposal! Would love to buy your book! Have you seen “The Forest Feast” by Erin Gleeson? You could totally do something like that, good recipes and beautiful photos and artwork…win, win, win!
    Happy summer! I love your blog and your creativity. So inspiring!

    • Tracy

      you should paint! carve out some time for yourself.
      my TO READ list is being trumped by my TO DO LIST. Ugh.
      I have to check out that book more. I flipped through it briefly—but I love her style and I love her HOME! Holy cow, it’s amazing.

  • Simone

    Sick of being sick. Wish I wasn’t so exhausted.
    On day 3 of antibiotics for chronic pansinusitis (aka all 8 sinuses are infected). Only 18 days to go…Meh.
    The steroids are even worse. I’m like cookie monster, but with ALL the food.
    My cat tried to swat my ice cream out of my hand 3 times today. Rude kitteh.
    He’s never hissed. Ever. Is that common?
    Despite repeated failures to swat ice cream away, I’ve managed to lose 28 lbs since January.
    Think I might go celebrate with some more ice cream.

    • Tracy

      Ugggggh. Being sick during the summer is the worst. Also HOLY SINUSES, batman. That sounds intense. I hope you get better and I hope that the steroids don’t give you anymore side effects. I had to take them for my hearing loss (they didn’t work) and I ended up gaining 8 lbs. COOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

      Congrats on your 28 lbs. Keep up the good work and maybe your cat is trying to be your health advocate? hehehe

  • Kathryn

    – eating the last of the Kerrygold cheese. nom nom
    – putting off my math class. How is knowing how to calculate the relative intensity of an earthquake from its magnitude/vise versa going to help me in my life as a dancer and a lighting designer? Ugh.
    – enjoying my time in CA this summer, but seriously missing Montana
    – planning a date night for this weekend
    – wishing I had plans for my birthday on Monday
    – still mad/sad we didn’t see the Obama’s while we were in Yosemite at the same time. I had grandiose hopes of us becoming best friends

    • Tracy

      mmm cheese.
      i’ve never been to montana.
      always wanted to go.
      math class sounds challenging. i do not like math. I only like solving problems.
      take yourself out for your birthday! TREAT YOURSELF. Celebrate YOU.

      • Kathryn

        Montana is the first landlocked state I’ve lived in (I grew up a Coast Guard Brat and the Oregon coast has always been home for me), but I love and adore it. Missoula has two rivers that run through town, so I get my water fix daily, and the mountains are just breathtaking.
        I declared my birthday a day of brunch and day drinking. I foresee hammock time too. =D

  • Jenna

    I’m worried about my sick toddler (she has some kind of virus) and also worrying I might get sick as I’m also pregnant

    I’m thinking that I’ll buy whatever kind of book you put out, but maybe you can do a lifestyle kind of book with recipes, MEAL PREP & home decorating/ organising tips, crafts etc.

    I would love more meal prep posts too (although I realise it’s bad timing given it’s summer & school holidays… I can wait! 🙂 Honestly I enjoy everything you post.

    My bengal cat also has “bathroom” issues, mostly when she’s stressed. Cat pee is so awful/ hard to clean up too!

    • Tracy

      oh no! being sick while pregnant is THE WORST. But not as bad as being sick AND parenting. I hope your little one gets better.

      you’re on the same wave length as me as far as what I’m thinking my book will be like. So YES. Thank you! You get me.

      Cats are so weird with their anxiety. I’m learning!

  • Karin

    Try Feliway pheromone plug in. Should help with the peeing (marking) esp if it’s due to the anxiety of 2 cats in same household or simply the adjustment to a new home. Our cat (female) was marking when we first brought her home and I put several Feliways around the house and it stopped. Not cheap, but if it works, it’s worth it!

    Also I’ve heard you should have more litter box than the number of cats. So for 2 cats, have 3 boxes. We have always had 2 boxes for 1 cat.

  • Ellen W

    – I could also see you doing some type of lifestyle book including recipes, decorating, etc.
    – I have two boys who play two seasons of baseball/year, so we have way too many hats, socks and belts.
    – I need to force myself to find time to work while both of my boys are at home.
    – I wish a had a surface or laptop so I could work somewhere else besides my home office.
    – My husband is starting his own company which is scary/exciting for our family.

    • Tracy

      i can’t imagine all the socks TWO boys would produce. DANG.
      try to set a time during the day to power through your work. Make it the same time everyday so your kids know that it’s mom’s time and you aren’t accessible.
      i have a laptop and i find myself creating so many spaces in my house to WORK in. I’ve become a queen at procrastinating when I’m supposed to be writing. So what I am saying to you is just find a space you like to work in and make it a space you WANT to be in.

      My husband started his own company 3 years ago. It’s scary for sure, but really great to see all of his hard work payoff. Good luck to you guys! I’m rooting for you.

  • Pam

    I always loved your snack posts and so many of them are wonderful appetizers – you could do a party book!? The hardest thing for me is always putting together a menu. Combining your amazing recipes into a “what to make when I’m hosting a ___” holiday, new friends for dinner, old friends from out of town for the weekend, bosses good-bye party… It kind of goes along with the meal prep, which I absolutely love when you post!! How to get organized/prep to host a whatever and not become a raging ball of stress (maybe that last part is just me). I’ll buy whatever you publish!

  • Adie

    I would buy any book you wrote in a heartbeat! Your writing style, combined with maybe recipes and crafts, and of course some of your hand writing would be winning in my mind. I feel like you are one of those people who are creative and determined and would produce something wonderful no matter what it was. Keep up the hard work and I look forward to seeing what you do!

  • K

    The most comfortable sandals I’ve ever worn: Vionic Tides. I have black sequined ones and wear them constantly. They aren’t dressy, but my style is pretty casual in general. I got mine at a local shoe store, but my mom buys Vionics on QVC. Some style or another is always on special. Vionic slippers are also fantastic! I didn’t know slippers could be so supportive.

  • Joannabee

    I’ll spare you my “stream”! Just 2 things: #1: your cat story=my cat story {old cat, NO litterbox problems; new cat, ALL the litter box problems} and #2 I suggest an all natural bug bite preventative from a great company {NO affiliation}: SallyeAnder.com/shop/no-bite-me/no-bite-me-cream/

  • Nicole

    Tracy, your blog and Instagram are my absolute favorite. From the recipes to the lists I look forward to and love each post you share. I also miss your podcast and often go back and re-listen to old episodes. It’s the best! Thanks for being you and sharing.

    • Tracy

      Thanks Nicole. I listened to an old one the other day and thought about what a TRIP it was to hear a younger version of me. So much has happened since we podcasted. We’ve both grown so much!

      Hopefully one day we’ll get back in the saddle and share again. It was a lot of work but it sure was fun.

  • Paula

    Just trying to survive the last few days of school year. Up here in Canada kids are in school till the very end of June and they are all so very done so it is more like crowd control while we finish up finals.

    Tackling my report cards and trying to come up with a more creative comment than “have a great summer”.

    Trying not to stress out about what I can’t control. Which is hard because I like to control everything.

    I need to do a deep clean on my house but would rather binge watch Real Housewives.

    Currently pinning fun craft ideas for my almost 2 year old daughter that we can do over the summer.

    Now that I think of it I also need to start planning her 2nd birthday party and what kind of theme it will be for August.

    Looking at my stack of library books and eagerly anticipating summer break so I can dive into all the books I haven’t had time to read.

    Dreaming about coffee on my deck in the morning with my husband over summer break as he now works from home.

    Obsessed with succulents and trying not to kill my own with over watering.

    Looking forward to not having to be out the door by 8 am until August when I head back to teach.

    • Tracy

      Oooh a creative challenge!

      If i was a kid, I’d probably want my teacher to write something silly. I don’t know the relationships you have with your kids but I’m sure you know how to make them smile. Channel that! If I was receiving a report card as an adult, I would probably want my teacher to say- Enjoy your summer- you sure earned it with all of your hard work!

      I’m feeling you on the Housewives front. Right now though, I started watching this show called Lady Dynamite on Netflix while I do laundry and then I find myself not folding the laundry….and just watching every second because I don’t want to miss a thing. If you like kooky, she is that. I am a moth to a flame with her. Maybe I should go back to Housewives where it takes them 45 minutes to hash out what Lisa was saying about Yolanda being sick while dealing with her yapping swans.

      Oooh an august birthday! I have a Summer birthday. I did a ball theme for Cooper’s first birthday….because BALL was his first word. But I filled the party with bouncy balls, beach balls and round balloons and everything circular because that’s what made a BIG visual impact for Cooper. Honestly though….there are the only few years you have where you get total control over your theme so RUN WITH IT. Cooper wanted a Lego cake with teenage mutant ninja turtles and lego batman on it last year…their tastes get “interesting.”

      We are into the second week of summer and I am having coffee on my deck in the mornings. IT’S AWESOME.
      For succulents, my advice is to ride the border of neglect with them. Water them like once a week. They’ll be fine. They take a lot of abuse. You just never want to overwater them.

      We don’t have to be out the door until after 8 for camp and it is GLORIOUS. Makes me wonder why we can’t just start the day later. I suppose that would mean our work schedules would have to shift too- DANGIT. It could be good for us though.

  • Krysten (@themomnoms)

    I hate getting into creative ruts, I feel like there is nothing that I can do to get out.
    I recently had a 2 week period where I cooked maybe 3 times and cooking is my absolute favorite thing to do, but I just couldn’t come up with anything that sounded good to eat.
    My stream:
    I really love my new apartment and looking at the fog coming over the Bay Bridge in the morning is so relaxing
    I can’t believe my son is about to be one, where did the time go?
    I really need to spend more time on the blog, because I am no where near where I want to be as far as readers go
    Being interactive is super hard for me both in real life and online, I can’t believe how judged I already feel typing this
    I need to get out of the house more, but that has become a pain to me.
    Where did the year go?

    Thanks for an awesome post <3

    • Tracy

      your view sounds amazing
      time moves so fast when you have kids! so slow at times and then WARP SPEED
      just keep powering through. put good work out there! the more you consume yourself with numbers, the more disappointed you become.
      like right now…my blog traffic is down and it’s because it’s the summer and people are out doing things. I get that.
      don’t feel judged. it’s hard to get a feel on people most of the time. you’re not alone.
      i like going to classes and doing things on my own when I don’t know anybody and I think it’s partially because there’s no one there I know to witness if I am awkward. It’s also good because then I don’t use someone as a crutch and I’m forced to get out of my comfort zone. Just baby step it. Do one thing and then build up to it. We live our lives so much online these days that I think A LOT of people don’t know how to behave around others anymore. We have to practice!

  • Jamie

    Paper piles – I feel your pain!!
    Bug bites – lavender oil!!
    Cats that pee – cayenne?? Sprinkle in houseplants, if that’s where they’re going – sometimes that works…

    Other lovely people might have written all of this but I don’t have time to read all their awesome comments. #atwork

    = )

    • Tracy

      oh i forgot about cayenne! we used to use it for ants.
      and you’re right about the lavender oil! the bonus is that I smell good.

  • S

    I am wondering what kind of French fries you buy and eat. I used to not buy them much at all, until I saw how often you ate them. I used to buy the store brand ones, but then on our cross country trip last year we drove past the OreIda factory and my MIND WAS BLOWN that OreIda= Oregon/Idaho. So now all I buy is OreIda, and they are much better than the store brand.

    Also, I think you should write a book about food prep. There aren’t many of those types of books, your photos of those are very good, you can include recipes, and food prep encourages people to eat healthily at home.

  • Scarlett

    This was so interesting to read! I like finding out about what’s going on in other people’s brains.

    I am thinking about:
    -also trying to eat fewer carbs (the struggle is so real)
    -and trying to eat more veggies (not really a struggle!)
    -ways to enjoy the warm summer days after coming home from work inside all day
    -trying to switch up my exercise routine… I’m thinking more yoga than weight lifting as I’ve been doing
    -a job interview I have next week… do I really need this change of pace? is my hesitation toward taking this job because i am just scared to do it? some real soul searching happening.

    Thanks for sharing, Tracy!

    • Tracy

      you reminded me that i need to add the weight lifting into my routine. thank you!

      good luck with your job decision!

      I read something a few weeks ago that has helped me.

      The word FEAR is:


      so write down all the things you know are TRUE and the things that you want and need in a new job and evaluate what your fears are telling you. Will you let your fear dictate your happiness in life? NO. You got this!

  • Hannah

    This may be one of my most favorite Shutterbean posts ever.
    My house is quiet, it’s never quiet. I like it and I miss the noise at the same time,
    2 hours until I pick up the manchild from camp, I can accomplish a lot in 2 hours.
    I love my new couch, I just wish I knew someone who needed my old one,
    I need to figure out the wall art situation in my living room, it’s lacking.
    3 weeks and 2 days until race day, excited to cross the finish line.
    Feels good to be putting my health first and to have dropped 30 lbs.
    12 days until husband’s knee surgery, we’re both ready to start the healing process.
    I’m going to miss running this year’s half marathon with him.

    Thanks for the awesome post Tracy! Keep working on the book, love the idea of a lifestyle book. Food, wine, family, celebrations…your tables always look so inviting and fun!

  • Kaye

    Loved this post and feeling much of the same. I vote for the lifestyle book that includes you fab photos, recipes and design ideas. Also – NOTECARDS please! Almost every week I want to download one of your photo/word designs for something or someone. Please make them into notecards!!!

    I just bought a robe from Target and really like it! http://www.target.com/p/women-s-sleep-fluid-knit-wrap-robe-shaded-blue-gilligan-o-malley/-/A-17216148

    I’m getting married, for the first time and I’m over 50, so counting down the days.

    My weekends are never long enough!

    Being an Airbnb host is kind of kicking me in the booty. Need to rethink the availability calendar!


  • Jenna

    I would love if you would write a cookbook!!!!

  • Lisa

    Hopeful that you’ll find your way on your book journey. I’m ready and waiting with my amazon pre-order.

    Stressing but strangely calm about writing the GRE tomorrow (like the SAT) for entrance to grad school.

    Eating only blueberries. And other stuff (i.e. last night’s Pork Vinaloo http://foodess.com/recipes/pork-vinaloo-curry/). But really blueberries are all I want.

    Interviewing for a new job on Monday, one I would be so passionate about, as opposed to now….

    Loving the support of my partner and our cat. Sounds funny, but each give me snuggles at the right time.

    Feeling ready to dive into a summer of books. Trucking along on the 52 books/52 weeks challenge I gave myself for the year.

    Never drinking enough water.

    Anxious about change, but finding comfort in knowing control is an illusion.

    Stalled on work projects who’s due dates have come and gone.

    Researching new ideas for infusing my kombucha.

    Happy for friends who are finding their joy in life.

    Grateful for friends that are like family, and family that is like friends.

    Disappointed that I wore flip flops, when I should have known better than to trust Vancouver not to rain in June.

    Thank you Tracy, this brought me some unexpected clarity and calm. xo

    • Tracy

      stressing but strangely calm. that would describe the last 5 years of my life.
      ride the calm! and then also notice how you feel when you let the stress take over. it’s pretty crazy. don’t give into it.

      i never drink enough water
      i have projects i have to do too and i’m stalling. let’s not stall.

      i was thinking about how thankful i am to have a few friends who are like family. It’s incredible, really!

      rain in june! Do you guys have June gloom up there?

  • Kelly

    book ideas: definitely a cookbook – something accessible for busy parents. My SIL and brother are trying Blue Apron, but that is too much prep for them. They are trying to expand beyond Trader Joe’s frozen meals… so something in the middle would be great.

    And you should pepper that with thoughts on work-life balance. From my couch it looks like you’ve got a good balance going. Is that because your schedule is flexible? I don’t have kids, but I struggle getting it all done in a week – work, working out, walking dogs, community meetings, seeing friends and family, and what always ends up last is me time (you could say the workout is this, but I don’t recharge the same way).

    stream of consciousness: want to go get those Via Spiga sandals (mentioned in a post above), but have a hard time splurging on myself.

    been sick for two weeks with sinus infection – have some guilt about filling the antibiotics script, but am taking them and FINALLY feeling better.

    at the same time I wish I had taken them before our trip to Charleston SC last weekend.

    local weather is gorgeous. would love to eat outdoors tonight. yes way rose!

    want to also hit up the library for Mary Roach’s new book – Grunt

    sad about Brexit

    sad about people letting fear dominate over love.

    sad my puppy is 9 and has a white muzzle – can see time progressing on her face.

    need to sweep and clean out my hubby’s closet, but so little time!

    • Tracy

      being sick in summer is the worst. cooper and i have had some weird sinus stuff lately- some coughs that don’t seem to go away. it’s not fun feeling your best. Antibiotics kind of freak me out sometimes, but they help. You know when it’s time to use them. Your body will tell you.

      Enjoy eating outside with a good book and make your husband clean out his closet 😛

      Casey really needs to clean his out and I historically do it, but I’m on strike right now because it’s so low on my priority list. Now to motivate him to do it…..

  • Erica

    I would love a post on almost every single one of those topics! 🙂

  • Joy

    I love this post!

    I’m trying to figure out how to soak up the most of this summer.

    Coming up with more and more projects that I want to do and trying not to be overwhelmed/stressed by them because I’m choosing to do these projects and they’re supposed to be fun. 🙂

    Got to go through my stacks of recipes and cookbooks and come up with new meals. I keep going to my same 3-4 favorites.

    I will chime in with the fact that I miss your podcast. I LOVED it and it was my absolute favorite. Something about your and Joy’s relationship and your ease with each other made for a great listen. I know it’s a lot of work so I’m not pushing, but just letting you know that you’ll have a listener if you ladies decide to do it again.

    How exciting to be putting together a book proposal. You’re my favorite photographer on the web so I’d buy just about any book of yours as long as it had your photos in it. 🙂 But more specifically, I’d love to see a whole “lifestyle” book from you because you cover so many topics on your site. I adore your organization posts (purse, kitchen, etc.), I like your approach to dressing (capsule and dressing for YOU), I love seeing glimpses of your home because you seem to have created a space that is not only beautiful but homey. Your recipes are beautiful (although I’ll admit I don’t try many of them because I’m a vegan, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the beauty of them). And last but not least, I love all your cats (R.I.P. Pinot…still so sorry for your loss). I’d buy a book called The Shutterbean Way of Life. 🙂

    • Katie

      “The Shutterbean Way of Life” would be EPIC!! I love the idea of photography and food and lifestyle all-in-one — an extension of the website! Miss the podcast, too; keep listing to old episodes on repeat!

  • Katie

    I love this post, Tracy!

    Currently I am …

    Thinking about how Ms. Shutterbean herself is a Domestic Goddess. #goals

    Thanks for always being an inspiration!

  • Bella

    I’ve never commented before, always just dropped by to see your beautiful work, be inspired, and relate to your so-called crazy brain… So here I am cheering for you, hands in the air excited about you tackling a book. Don’t second guess it- just be you!

  • Nikki

    I too have a cat with IBS, and another one that likes to pee everywhere except the litter box (he once got in the box and peed outside of it, lol) . I’m thankful that both issues for us have been relatively easy to figure out.

    For our IBS kitty we found that Limited Ingredient Diet (LID) wet food worked the best. You can find it at most big box pet stores. It usually only has one or two ingredients max (Blue Buffalo makes some, Turkey and Potato is her current fave), She hasn’t had any issues since we started feeding her this diet. Though, it is tough to stop her from eating the other one’s food…

    Our litter challenged furball simply requires a super clean box. He won’t use it unless 1) it’s super clean of all waste, or 2) he sees that we have just scooped it out. Sometimes, if I know he has to go, I’ll pretend to scoop just so he thinks it’s clean…

    Uggh…what we do for our pets, lol. Good thing we love them! Good luck! And, though I’ve never used it, I’ve heard the feline pheromone plug ins really do work wonders.

  • LaMesha

    Tracy I love following you on snapchat. You’re one of my favorite bloggers. If you write a book I would buy it SO FAST. It’ s hard to not doubt yourself but seriously you’re awesome. Write that book girl.

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