My Everyday Life: Week 17

Here’s what this past week looked like.

I’m in love with my new shirt.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean


How could I forget all the Slice & Bake Oatmeal Raisin cookies I have in the freezer? Instant cookie party.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

A yummy breakfast with Lillian at 900 Grayson.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

902 Grayson.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

Reminded me of Miami Vice for 2 seconds.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean


My Everyday Life // shutterbean


My Everyday Life // shutterbean

The most amazing grocery store EVER. I almost fainted.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

Setting up for a podcast… that we didn’t record.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

Sometimes I try to hold him like a baby and most of the time he protests. But I figured out that if I do it while he’s watching TV he totally doesn’t notice. HAHA.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

Trying on clothes at Anthropologie and not buying anything.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

Bed unmade.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

I put the Goat Cheese Guacamole on my morning toast. It’s SO GOOD.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean


My Everyday Life // shutterbean

Outdoor dining.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

Breakfast at my house with my parents. We had a sleepover.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

The patio at night. We found this basketball net on the side of the road this week. SCORE.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

Post work Negroni.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

Blogging on the floor.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean


My Everyday Life // shutterbean

Impromptu Tacos outside.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean


All three of us painting. I couldn’t be happier.


My Everyday Life // shutterbean


I saw this at the bus stop and got sad.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

Broccoli Slaw. So good. SOOOOO GOOD.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

Morning light at work.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

Not wearing an ounce of black.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

I love looking at the shadows of us three.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

Pretzel sharing.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

We found the most amazing Lego store!

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

Bouncy Birthday Party.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

Playing baseball outside.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

Looking for bulbs.

My Everyday Life // shutterbean

  • Hannah Lesley

    I want toast…right now! All your food looks so yummy!

  • Stephie @ Eat Your Heart Out

    “The patio at night. We found this basketball net on the side of the road this week. SCORE”

    Heh heh, I see what you did there.

  • Jen

    Loving the family time! Now I want to paint out on the deck with my little girl Larkin.

  • Kate

    Love your black strappy sandals (photo #5)! Where’d you get them from?

  • biobabbler

    So… did you select those red shoes to match your negroni, or is that just a happy (and very nicely balanced) color coincidence. Lovely shot!

  • Alice

    The playing baseball outside shot is so magical.

  • Amanda Barkey

    i love your new shirt too! i was going to ask you where you got it when i saw a blip of it in a pic on fb soooooo whered ya get it? 🙂

  • Goretti Tada

    I love your blog! Where is this Lego store located? My husband is a 41 yr. old kid who still loves toys and Legos. We’re from LA but visit San Francisco a few times a year to visit his grandma. I know he would love to visit this Lego store. Btw, your toast/bread always looks so delicious. San Francisco has THE best bread.

  • Ems

    I am in love with all your shoes.

  • jenny

    oh my gosh. I had such an anthro fail recently, too. some super-cute summer dresses that just looked terrible on me. plus, why is everything adorable so expensive? on another note, I can’t wait to have kids so I can do watercolors with them on the deck. 🙂

  • Ibbs

    Yey, I love these posts and seeing these snapshots into your life. I feel you have a unique way for viewing the world and capturing things from different angles.
    Please never stop.
    x x x

  • Elise

    Love it. Props to Cooper for rocking that Paul Frank t-shirt!

  • Tieghan

    The avocado toast! Yes!! Love it!

    Your family is beautiful! I love looking through your photos! So fun!

  • Lorin

    Berkeley Bowl… yum. I used to work w/in walking distance. Best thing about that job. I miss shopping there.

  • Snax

    I took the photo of the Slice & Bake Oatmeal Raisin Cookies as a sign to bring my frozen log out to be baked. It’s cookie time.

    Also, I cannot stop staring at your unmade bed. I think I’m in love with your bed cover.

  • Christine

    I love your red shoes. They totally rock!

  • Vanessa

    Those brown strappy sandals!! I die!

  • Geez Louise!

    It was lovely to meet you at potluck, thanks for this post. It reminds me to be more aware of my everyday life, look around and feel something. I have an 8 year old son, where is the lego store?

    • Tracy

      Lovely to meet you too! There’s a link above the picture. It’s a place in San Anselmo, CA.

  • Dona

    Was it your first trip to BBW? Such a great store! So happy to be living just a short bike ride away. Haven’t been to Grayson in a while, your photo is making me put it on the to do list Also love the black sandals.

    • Tracy

      It was! And it definitely won’t be the last. It would be so dangerous if I lived close to it.

  • Jayne

    Bouncy birthday parties are the best kinds. Not that I’ve been to one but I imagine it would be like the dream of the 8 year old in me. And that blue white dress. Loving the motives!

  • Kat

    Tracy, I feel like you must have been asked this before, but where are your black platform sandals from?? I love ’em!

  • Stacey

    I hate trying on what seems like a million things and deciding that they’re all a bust. It feels like the biggest waste of time!

    I LOVE when my parents come to our place and we have a sleepover! So much fun!

    • Tracy

      This is actually my FIRST sleepover with my parents. Isn’t that crazy? I really enjoyed it.

  • DessertForTwo

    The Berkeley Bowl is the most amazing grocery store! Oh, I miss it so much!

  • lauren

    What a great snapshot of your week. I’m feeling pretty inspired to start taking my own weekly shots, but I’m missing my iphone. I cannot get my new Galaxy s3 to take the same quality pix!
    I realllly missed the podcast this week. I kept refreshing on friday morning and I’ve visited homefries twice a day since 🙁 Can’t wait ’til the next one!!

  • Kim

    Tracy, what kind of shoes are those in the pretzel sharing pic? I’ve been trying to find some topsiders like that for sailing! Thanks!

  • Michelle

    I am loving that shirt. I’ve been trying to find one like it everywhere. (Which is actually no where except Target because I have had zero time to shop lately. But in my head, I’ve been looking.)

  • Kait Snoddy

    I totally got that pinkish/red chevon knit dress from anthro. Special occasions call for special dresses, right?

    • Tracy

      totally! that one was so comfy….but the waist was too low for my body. Sigh…

  • Amanda

    I avoid at all costs leaving a comment, in facebook, on blogs, anywhere really, I take years it feels to reply to emails, and when someone asks me a serious question I take anywhere from 3-6 days to reply.
    BUT ! I have been checking your blog out for about a year now. I don’t really relate to much of the things you make but have used your site as a reference for dinner parties and pot lucks. I’m so picky, berg.
    AND ! Today I went to work, which is teaching children all about just being children and their project was to cook. My 60 something year old co-worker teaches the cooking currently and was so proud of herself finding a recipe better than the last making donuts. IT WAS YOURS. I just though I would let you know how you bridged the gap today between her and I in a lovely gentle way and that the kids ate the donuts before I could say “cheers”

    Thanks for doing such a great job at what you do.

    Lastly, I mainly come to your site Sunday or Monday to see your “Everyday life” Your photos are beautiful and inspiring. Thank you.


    • Tracy

      Thank you for taking the time & writing me Amanda!!! I am so glad you’re here. It blows my mind that you were able to have a moment with someone else through me. That is AWESOME and probably the reason why I keep at this blog. So THANK YOU!!!

  • laura

    Wonderful site. I must know where you bought the blue gingham top!

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