June 29, 2018


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com



  1. My mom wasn’t a working mom. 
  2. Unconditional Positive Regard– my friend Amy is making changes!
  3. As seen on the subway.
  4. Great. My father-in-law lives in Connecticut. 
  5. All the new Trader Joe’s products right now.
  6. The power of music, ads and audiences.
  7. All the food on Queer Eye is basically all breakfast.
  8. 6 books about road trips
  9. Venice from above. Whoa!
  10. A slab pie for 4th of July (that rhymes)
  11. How to be less distracted with your kids. 
  12. The best way to ask for a favor
  13. A brief history on Bragg’s products
  14. Kitchen tools to take with you if you’re renting a house
  15. If words hurt, it’s because you let them.
  16. This piece about Whole30 made me lol.
  17. Cute sundresses I love: one / two /three 
  18. OMG #9  – my mom would have killed me if I did that in church
  19. For all of us Introverts
  20. This whole triplet story fascinates me. Can you imagine?
  21. The 25 most influential people on the internet. Lord, help us all.

I got the Fit Bit Charger 2 this week. So far I’m loving seeing my heart rate.

Made a bath of carrot soup this week. It feels like the ultimate self care.

Making my TO DO lists with this Zebra pen.


  • Priya

    Love the new look Tracy! Really clean and useable. Yay you!

  • Priya

    Saying that I can see the desktop version is the same but the mobile version is new isn’t it??

    • Tracy

      are you looking on your phone? yeah, it’s different and a little buggy! sorry!

  • mary e.

    This week’s list is AWESOME, Tracy! Seriously – I feel like I need to take the morning off here at work to read them all- and I’m only halfway through! I’m STILL laughing out loud at the subway link (#), and #2 and #1 are on my ‘keeper’s list (though I would offer that your mom (and mine!) were WORKING moms-they just didn’t leave the house or get a salary which makes their work even MORE impactful in some ways).

    Hope your computer problems resolve soon – I had a similar misfortune in that my hard drive bit the dust…. technology = LOVE/HATE….

  • emily

    i love the introvert list. the rhubarb and strawberry soda from trader joe’s is delicious, i also love their gnocchi gorgonzola.

  • Jamie

    Tracy, Please forgive me if you have posted this before…Where do you keep you weekly lists? Do you use a notebook? Is it part of your bulletjournal?

    Loyal fan!

  • Amy

    Thank you for including me

  • laura gwinn

    that whole30 article is fantastic

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