September 7, 2018



 I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com



  1. This bathroom is beautiful
  2. I knew it!
  4. There goes the neighborhood.
  5. My favorite overalls are now in black.
  6. So excited about this cake & book!
  7. I love shadow play.
  8. Tunashamed. Lol. Oops.
  9. Cat life.
  10. People are not saving money for retirement these days.
  11. But really, how does Oprah’s new pizza taste?
  12. Weekend plans: chocolate cobbler for 2, wine & uno
  13. Nearly half of young Americans are deleting Facebook from their phones.
  14. Some effective ways to minimize jet lag. I wish I had a reason for jet lag!
  15. Thrift store uses Jeff Goldblum to boost business
  16. Teachers are moonlighting as Instagram influencers.
  17. Don’t be paralyzed by idea debt.
  18. So many journal apps!  Mine is my blog.
  19. da Vinci’s journals have been digitized!
  20. How sneaky!
  21. Some of the best books for book clubs. 
  22. I’ve been missing Ryan Gosling. Definitely excited for this new movie.
  23. This microphone has brought new life into my house!



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  • DessertForTwo

    aww, I hope you love the cobbler! Great list! We just ordered the microphone! Camille has been wanting one, and now I know (thanks to your IG stories) that adults have just as much fun with it 🙂

  • Karen

    That microphone is on its way to my house – so happy you posted about it. I’m going to drive my family nuts!

  • Susan

    My father passed away this summer. As a result I inherited some funds that my husband and I will not need for our retirement.
    We are however very concerned for our kids (who are 28 and 30 now) and their ability to retire in the future.
    We are giving them all of what I inherited. Both are setting up additional retirement accounts.(They already each have a couple.) My daughter is also putting a bit aside for a possible home downpayment in the future. (My son already owns a home.)
    It’s scary to think of how hard it may be for people in the future to do retire. Hopefully by investing the funds now, both of our kids will have a healthy amount when that time comes.

    • Tracy

      Sounds like your family is making some good choices!

      • Susan

        My father was an accountant. He raised me to be fiscally responsible and I passed that down to my kids. Both kids are in social services, so being frugal and thoughtful about spending is important. My son’s house is small, but his mortgage is about 1/3 of what he would have to pay in rent for a similar sized space in our area. And he has a yard for his dog.

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