November 23, 2018


 I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. Five Essential Christmas movies to watch with your children.
  2. How do cat’s tongues work anyway?
  3. I love looking through vintage Disneyland photos.
  4. I hope you’re not reading this from a Black Friday line. 
  5. Time to get started on your tea infused vodka!
  6. When things align perfectly. So satisfying!
  7. These bookends are so creative.
  8. Watching a panda play in the snow is good for your soul.
  9. They’ve remade the Lion King and here’s a side-by-side comparison
  10. Avocados are being genetically modified to be peeled easier.
  11. Need some gift inspiration?  My Etsy wishlist might help.
  12. Why kids like parenting toys.
  13. The blessings of aging.
  14. Teachers share their most memorable gifts from a student
  15. Why Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday
  16. No one really talks about what happens to women in their 40s
  17. There are so many pens in this post I’d love to try!
  18. I love reading posts about packing for trips.
  19. Behold! The most beautiful staircase made of copper.
  20. Did you catch my  2018 Favorite Things Gift Guide?
  21. My old-timey profession is a switchboard operator. Lol
  22. Hostess Gifts:  tea towelspersonalized pottery / a plant / retro board games


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  • Abbi

    My sister and I look forward to your links each week, and often discuss them after the weekend! Thank you for posting something other than Black Friday deals- such a good distraction. Sending a hug this Friday!

  • Lindsay

    If you haven’t seen One Magic Christmas with Mary Steenburgen, I highly, HIGHLY recommend it. It’s a little known 80’s gem. Bring tissues.
    Sending you big loves, strangerfriend ❤️

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