February 15, 2019


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. Thankfully greeting cards are still a thing.
  2. How many romcoms have you seen? (I’ve seen 33!)
  3. Food is ART.
  4. This is everything I’ve wanted to read about the internet.
  5. The Gift of Shared Grief.
  6. Very important: Frozen Pizzas Ranked
  7. Instagram denies only showing your photos to 7% of your followers
  8. The most sampled loop in music history.
  9. Naughty cats are naughty!
  10. Why are young people pretending to love work?
  11. Japanese sleeper trains look pretty cool. 
  12. I wish I could display this in my house. Lol.
  13. I tried eating the wax off of a baby bel when I was like 4. Lessoned learned. 
  14. When parents don’t tell their children that one of them is dying.
  15. How to have a healthy digital relationship. 
  16. The new tax brackets/rates for 2019
  17. This house is dreamy. I love all of the plants.
  18. How to reduce the number of things you forget every day.
  19. According to Starbucks, I’m supposed to be an Iced Passionfruit Tea cuz I’m a Leo.
  20. If you want to relax or study,  put this on. 
  21. Thomas Keller thinks farm-to-table is absurd.
  22. If you’ve ever wondered about writing dialogue for movies, this is pretty interesting. 
  23. 3-minute inspiration if you have time!
  24. On the to make list: turmeric cashews / Thai chicken pizza / bacon waffles
  25. It’s rainy here but that doesn’t stop me from looking at new Birkenstocks online.

  • Kristin

    I enjoy your Friday lists so much. Thank you for sharing them. Those naughty cats were great. I loved the piece about sharing grief, and the one about the dying mom. What a strong and brave woman. And I can’t tell you how much I want to buy that middle finger for my mother. She used to be famous for flipping that thing up. Thanks again, and have a great weekend!

    • Tracy

      A mom famous for flipping her middle finger? I’m curious!!!!!

      • Kristin

        Maybe infamous? In our family circle anyway. She had a trigger middle finger, and it was her response to many things…bad drivers, obnoxious brothers, etc. She still hates having her picture taken, and will often have that finger positioned in front of her face. Not her best trait!!

  • Rachel G

    I need this Bacon Waffle recipe but it’s linked to the Thai Chicken pizza. Thanks Tracy, your lists always help me kick off my weekend right!

  • Jen E.

    Oh my! 50 out of 60 rom coms…

  • Kate

    So, both my husband’s and my zodiac recommended order is ACTUALLY our preferred coffee order. Spooky.

    I want the middle finger statue too and I think I’d want to find a really fun vintage cocktail ring for it to wear!!

    Always love your Friday lists! Have a great weekend!!

  • Sina

    Thank you for the list, Tracy! The piece about the most sampled loop was so interesting!
    Also, this celebration of overworking oneself and celebrating this is scary to me and seems really unhealthy.
    And I have to say I disagree with Thomas Keller: buying local (and avoiding packaging) as much as possible absolutely matters. It’s not just the quality of a produce we should look at and care for. Local is bound to season, therefore we don’t have strawberries in February (here in Germany). To me, Keller sounds upset and bugged in that interview and I really don’t get why he discredits the idea of farm-to-table so much. He could have made his point about quality without dismissing the concept overall and picking at journalism. Weird.

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