My Everyday Life: Week 21

Here’s what this past week looked like:

Dogwoods are pretty.

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean


At my friend Leslie’s house. I want a cozy sun porch.

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

We went out for lunch at Tamalpie in Mill Valley. I fell in love with this kale salad.

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

Yogurt with bananas, agave, wheat germ & chia seeds.

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

I styled a shoot for thekitchn.  It was so much fun. Details soon!

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean


MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

Fridays are for cocktails.

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

Hey Ronnie. I found you on top of the bread section.

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

I like seeing the reflections of the lights in store floors.

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

Oh HELLO. Also. More lights!

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

Breakfast for two, with a side of sun. And my son leaves toys on the floor everywhere we go.

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

Breakfast tacos.

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

The day my coworker brought in fresh focaccia…

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

Lessons in dessert. (we love these cookies from Trader Joe’s)

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

Cooper & I made GAK.

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

The grilled pork in my Banh-mi recipe has been a revelation to our family.

Here I made it with rice noodles, cucumber, mint, cilantro, lime & peanuts.

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

Cooper’s portion. He loves the noodles, pork & peanuts. No green stuff for him (except cucumbers).

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

I love drinking coffee outside. In my pajamas…

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

This was incredible messy.

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

We went to a birthday party…for Owen!

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

Egg over corn & zucchini hash with miso butter & sriracha.

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

Getting the mail.

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

We made the blueberry pancakes from Tyler Makes Pancakes this morning.

Cooper begged me to make them and then when I went to serve them to him he was upset they had blueberries in them.

I enjoyed them!

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

My heart explodes when I see these two together. The father/son relationship is a beautiful thing to see.

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

On the way to podcast. I love how blue the sky is at night.

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

I showed this picture to Cooper and he said BUS. He’s starting to read. It’s pretty exciting!

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

A morning of quiet.

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

Up against a tree with a coffee & my journal. I needed to clear my head in the worst way.

MY EVERYDAY LIFE // shutterbean

Enjoy your weekend!!

  • Jessica

    I miss my pre-Internet brain, too!!! Beautiful photos this week.

  • Amy

    That kale salad looks magical, that photo of Casey & Cooper is heart melting and you are soooo gorgeous friend. Love that last photo of you.

  • Mandy

    That kale salad gets me. Shred the kale. Salad should ALWAYS be served in a bowl. Father/son is magic. Now I need a sun porch. LOVED the ‘cast as always. Trying to remember 21 now…

  • Jenna

    Love this week’s photos (as always) – especially the breakfast tacos shot – is that a crystal or a water glass (either way, awesome shadows/ reflections!) Plus, breakfast tacos = soooo good!

  • Clare

    I miss my pre-internet brain! It’s scary to think my kids won’t know what a pre-internet brain is….
    Your breakfasts are totally inspiring!

  • Kelsey

    I liked seeing your Trader Joe’s animal! I assumed every store had the same one! Here in Phoenix my store has Iggy the Iguana 🙂

    • Karen

      In Winston-Salem, NC, it is Leo the Lion. My baby is now 17 but I still love hunting for Leo whenever I go into TJs.

  • Molly from LifesLemons

    So trader joes has a donkey huh?

  • Lizzie

    I miss the brain, too. I’m glad to have experienced part of my childhood sans internet, but I feel sad that my future children will live a completely different life than I did back then. I remember our huge set of encyclopedias lined up in the basement. It’s sad and disturbing that I may never look at those again!

    P.S. Beautiful pictures, as always.

  • Victoria

    Yay! for Cooper on learning to read!!!

    And…I miss my pre internet brain too. Most daysI miss it more than I even know.

  • Claire @ Lemon Jelly Cake

    Your breakfast photos are always so inspiring to me and a good reminder to eat something besides a bowl of cereal once in a while. 🙂

  • Carrie

    I LOVE drinking coffee in my pajamas outside too! I try to do it any time the weather is nice.

  • Sarah

    Pre-internet brain. Yes. I don’t even remember what that was like.

  • Connie

    Thanks so much for the “Tyler loves Pancakes” suggestion a while back. My 5 year old, soon to be 6, nephew loved it and is getting now it for his birthday.
    *Pre-internet brain, if we could only go back there….. If only for a while.

  • Hilary

    the last two photos — amen, girl!

  • Carly

    I love your comments about Cooper. It makes me happy to know that my kids are just like everyone else’s kids. “Blueberries in pancakes after I asked for blueberry pancakes?! You’re the worst mom ever! *pause* Can I have some more syrup please?”

  • Becky

    Gorgeous, as always xoxoxo

  • tara

    I miss my pre-internet brain too! I keep telling myself I’m going to spend less time, and then I get sucked down the rabbit hole. But I love your journal page. Awesome pictures. I love seeing lights reflected on the floors too.

    And that is so cool Cooper is starting to read! How exciting!

  • Denise Ruggeri

    Made your asparagus tomato pine nut cous cous salad …. Had to substitute quinoa for a gluten intolerant guest…. as well as the almond cookies for a weekend away party. Both were a fabulous success….

  • Sophie

    I echo your words! I miss my pre-internet brain too! How do we train it back to the way it was? How do I stop flicking between screens?

  • Jamie

    “i miss my pre-internet brain”– thank you for articulating that for me. Exactly. I feel distracted all of the time. I read so fewer books. Somehow i ended up looking at youtube videos of zizi jeanemarie’s feather dances today…who? how? what?! And I don’t want to even admit to how many games of solitaire I’ve played on my iPad, just one 3 minute game, while I’m waiting for the butter to melt…maybe just one more…lost that one so it doesn’t count…

    • Tracy

      I feel you. I feel like my brain was less-stressed. I also didn’t have a kid so that might have changed things…but we tend to get so distracted by online media. It SUCKS YOU IN and then you’re addicted. I need a reset button.

  • Stacey

    In San Antonio “Ronnie” is a longhorn! 🙂

    So, since you posted your banh-mi recipe, I’ve made it no less than a million times. Multiple times per week; there was one day where I had it for breakfast AND lunch. I’ve been making it as a salad, sometimes with shrimp, chicken, or flank steak. I’ve developed a full blown obsession!

    • Tracy

      AWESOME!!! I want that banh-mi taste any way I can get it. Looks like you’re on the same wave length!

  • Claire

    This is my favourite series of yours and pretty much any other blog.

  • Jessica

    As always, beautiful photos! 🙂 Such delicious looking food photos as well. especially the breakfast tacos!

  • Erin

    I am in love with your haircut! Would you mind me asking: what do you tell your stylist when you get it cut? I have had the same cut for too many years & want a change.

  • Mark Herb

    I loved the picture of the Dogwood flower.

    My first visit to your site but it will not be my last.

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