August 30, 2019





  1. Attending Burning Man or Parenting a Toddler?
  2. Some ways to stay sane at the grocery store
  3. What my husband would do if I gave him a labelmaker…
  4. Hotel & Airbnb guest that were the worst!
  5. Ikea is sharing their best user hacks.
  6. Thank you for saying something Steven Tyler.
  7. Winners of a black & white children’s portrait photography contest.
  8. Photographs of women before/after becoming a Mom.
  9. Learning again how to pass the time.
  10. I’d love to do this wall treatment in my bathroom.
  11. Honestly, I want Fitbit to tell me where my charge cable is.
  12. Treat yourself: earrings / journal pen holder  /a beautiful scarf
  13. This is the epitome of comfort food.
  14. Grandmas who are far from being innocent. LOL at #7
  15. Things from the past that didn’t age well.
  16. The best HBO shows of all time.
  17. I like the fortunes book best.
  18. Inky black tattoos are pretty.
  19. I wish I had a carport to transform! Wow this is so cool.
  20. They should totally bring this thing back.


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  • Kaye

    Your quote stopped me in my tracks this morning. This was the exact thought that came to me in a deep meditation last week….and then, a few days later, I found out I was losing my job due to a reorg. WOW! Thanks for the reminder!

  • Leslie Rhodes

    Ok #1 is EVERYTHING….
    I have always wanted to go to Burning Man, but have never made it. I now have a 2 year old and a baby on the way & that article made me laugh so hard. I guess I can relate to what it’s like now HAHA! #12
    Thanks for sharing. Love your lists!

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