November 8, 2019




  1. This looks good-  apple cobbler!
  2. Teachers taking their own measures to prevent cheaters in class. Lol
  3. How to hang peel & stick wallpaper.
  4. Vintage photos of kitchens in the 1950s.
  5. Comic Sans turns 25!
  6. Boredom is good for you!
  7. Affogato give you something.
  8. Cool. I already keep jackets and old blankets in my car.
  9. YUMMM Pecan Pie Bars for two 
  10. Oh, to be young again!
  11. What happens after a whale dies? I’ve always wondered that.
  12. The sounds in this video make me tingle.
  13. Sorry, not sorry.
  14. I love searching for bullet journal supplies on Etsy. There’s so much out there!
  15. I hate drones, but they sure do make beautiful photos.
  16. Life hack: make a worry diary in your notes app
  17. Food addiction is a real addiction.
  18. Gap finally has a new version of my favorite robe!!!
  19. What chefs buy at Trader Joe’s.
  20. A good reason to visit New York- new Milk Bar Shop!
  21. Which packaged stuffing is the best?
  22. Adulting realness.

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  • Debbie Jenkins

    I want to get started on a bullet journal but am overwhelmed as to where to start!
    Any advice or tips?

  • Jamie

    Yup, now that I live at an elevation that gets some snow most years, on a curvy, narrow road with idiot drivers, I put a bin of warm clothes in my car for me and my son, along with a couple blankets, some water and some granola bars. We’re not far from civilization, but there are some banks we could slide down if something happened (stay in your own lane, people! especially on the blind curves!) and I’d rather be prepared.

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