March 23, 2018


 I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. I want a bowl of this.
  2. What is mushroom tea?
  3. Best places to travel to in 2018
  4. Ways to trick people into think you have your act together.
  5. Coincidentally, I just check out this book from the library.
  6. Embarrassing childhood photos give me life.
  7. Apparently, my true age is 24 according to my drink choices.
  8. Dad jokes are the best jokes.
  9. The most expensive books you can buy on the internet
  10. How you can make the most of the farmer’s market.
  11. Daydreaming while looking through award-winning photos. 
  12. Marilyn Monroe photos auctioned off. I love looking through these.
  13. What to know about a green funeral burial.
  14. A good reminder that the internet is not real life.
  15. Can’t say I’m not curious.
  16. Is this real life????!!!
  17. #2 is key for our morning to run smoothly at home.
  18. Did you hear about the farmer who wrote a MEMOO?? 
  19. Netflix Sans. Now that’s all I’m gonna notice when I’m scrolling through.
  20. Have you ever had a passive-aggressive neighbor?
  21. Newsflash: Millenials don’t like sending food back
  22. I am so excited by this movie about Mister Rogers!!!!! We really need this now.
  23. I definitely need to put one of these prints up in my kitchen.
  24. The most important dishes that changed food in America.
  25. Why China loves American chain restaurants so much.
  26. The last conversation you’ll have about eating right & being healthy.


Currently Loving- Shutterbean

My new/simple address book (I got yellow!)

Pretty Dish cookbook (will post a new recipe soon!)

Stocking up on new spices at Thrive Market (inexpensively) for my kitchen spring cleaning overhaul.



  • Jessica

    Thanks for the Epic Happy Birthday Song! Now I can send one to my Dad!

  • Emily

    These lists are the highlight of my Fridays at work 🙂 Thanks for sharing so many interesting and fun things to brighten up my afternoon!

    Ps. the link in #3 wasn’t working for me, FYI!

  • Sabrina Izaguirre

    Mr. Rogers – LOVE him!

  • Antje

    The link is just missing the 8 in “2018” at the end of the URL.

  • Julie

    After hearing Tim Ferriss rave about mushroom coffee for months, I bought a tin of the Four Sigmatic Mushroom Matcha drink mix off of Amazon and I’ve been mixing it into some coconut milk or almond milk in the mornings with honey, instead of having coffee! It really does give you a pleasant buzz without the anxiety coffee leaves behind. It’s bitter like matcha can be, but apparently lion’s mane mushrooms are like whoaaaaaa good for you? Anyway—I love the taste and ritual of coffee way too much to ever give it up for good, but I think this stuff is a good alternative.

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