December 20, 2019



  1. We took a train through Canada on our honeymoon. It’s so pretty.
  2. NPR’s favorite movies of 2019
  3. How to reflect more meaningfully on the past year.  A Currently Workbook helps too!
  4. This restaurant looks crazy.
  5. Santas with a twist
  6. An Ode to Middle Age
  7. Photos of the decade.
  8. This woman is so dang sweet.
  10. The Age of Instagram Face.
  11. Gingko leaves are my favorite. This tree is bonkers.
  12. A look at 19th-century photography.
  13. The Miseducation of the American Boy
  14. This is the cutest DIY dollhouse
  15. To make: homemade orange bitters / candy cane vodka / gingerbread bundt cake
  16. Grief during the holidays.
  17. The philosophy of FLOW.
  18. Treat yo’self: thermal loungewear / facial gift set / anthro candle / jade roller
  19. The Zen of Bill Murray
  20. How yoga changes your brain.
  21. This pleases my eyeballs.
  22. Lynda Barry- a comic exercise on how to build character
  23. Homemade Holiday Gifts from the archives!

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