My Everyday Life Week 34

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 34

Happy Birthday to meeeeee!

This is 41!

All I wanted for my birthday was a day adventure with art and I got what I wanted!

My friend Neiley took me on a birthday picnic adventure.

The weather was perfect on the water. It was so hot inland.

We ended up sitting at a picnic bench over neat Fort Baker.

Best seat in the house!

We painted!

Neiley shared her watercolors.

It was so relaxing. I’m really happy with how this turned out!

I asked my Mom for some signs…

This orange butterfly stopped by! I got an awesome video of it.

I made myself a birthday altar. August 18th was the new moon.

And then the fires started… We saw this on the way home.

I wanted Indian food for my birthday!

Casey made me a fancy cocktail.

I think it was called “Cool as a Cucumber.”  Isn’t it pretty?

New friend, Atlas (not ours!).

Working in my journal.


Made a new block print.

Played around with pieces. Turned it into this.

Sampling the stamps I carved.

Shared my favorite new recipe- Instant Pot Saffron Risotto.

Getting my greens in.

Brought home a plant.

Because I needed to see a pop of pink on my deck.


Stopped at my favorite place.

The fires in California make the sky so weird.

Bedtime shenanigans. 


On our way to dinner.

A salad I didn’t have to make.

Such a weird thing to eat outside during this time.

So many desserts this week and no sharing them!!


I didn’t know white echinacea exist.

Playing with double exposure on my phone.

Tucked in kitty!

Blueberry muffins because I bought too many blueberries.

Breakfast for husband.

A break in the sky.

And then this…

There’s so much joy in checking out books at the library. I am glad to have it back again.

(my library does curbside pickup by appointment only)

Made a paperweight for my desk. These white paint markers are my favorite.

I hope you find magic in your Sunday and if not, MAKE IT!

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