January 31, 2020



  1. KFC is bringing plant-based options to some of its restaurants.
  2. What is the coronavirus?
  3. Want: cheetah PJs
  4. The new trophies of domesticity.
  5. How to raise gracious children.
  6. All of the new attractions coming to Disney parks. I still haven’t taken Cooper!
  7. The designer behind all of the looks on Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  8. I feel her pain.  It’s so nice to be cooked for, though! 
  9. I love how these display shelves POP with color.
  10. Psychedelic retreats sound wild.
  11. Influencers in the wild.
  12. Questions to ask if you need help finding your purpose.
  13. This makes me want to collage.
  14. A bookstore that also has cats. SIGN ME UP.
  15. My dream is to have a property like this with all these cabins & have a camp!
  16. Wanna improve your memory? Curate your photos.
  17. Oh my goodness this week doggo rides the bus to go to his favorite park!
  18. Here are a bunch of ways to use Everything Bagel Seasoning. 
  19. I love the signs at the Char-Pit in Tahoe.
  20. To make this weekend: cashew cream / lemon ginger elixir
  21. I love a good planetarium show. This one looks awesome.
  22. Street style, 1970s- San Francisco


  • Stephanie

    Thanks for the cashew cream link!!!

  • Susan Grupe

    A lot for “me” today. Such fun.

  • Caitlyn

    Oh man the new trophies of domesticity really spoke to me. I really want a KitchenAid Mixer since I love to bake but at this time I don’t have space (my counterspace is like 2 square feet and that might be overestimating). I also have a few more moves to make before I can settle down and not to mention no money for one.

  • Sam

    #22 links to the planetarium…would love to see the street style from the 70s.

  • Sam

    Much appreciated.

  • Scarlett

    Great list, Tracy!! Had a lot of fun with these links.

  • Karen

    The article about today’s trophies of domesticity is so interesting! For Christmas, my husband gifted me a bread machine. Since then, I’ve been on a bread making frenzy – using the machine, and my own sourdough starter. It’s been so much fun and I have lots more to earn. Just last night, as I pulled a loaf out of the oven, my husband asked if bread making is some “new hipster idea online or something” – ha! It’s true that online/social media trends so impact our lives (and spending decisions). For the record, which I also shared with him, I had been thinking about bread making for years, but knowing myself (obsess-obsess-obsess), I wanted to make sure I was ready to jump in as it was sure to be a deep experience for me.

    I also think the shift back to homemade/homebaked/wholesome food/cooking is incredible! And it’s so interestingly juxtaposed against the UberEats/GrubHub services available to us right now. Fascinating!

    • Cassie Sue

      Plus making bread kind of feels like magic!! You start with these basic ingredients and it grows and changes and then turns into bread. It surprises me every time I do it. The first time I made cinnamon rolls from scratch, using a yeasted dough, I felt like a wizard.

      I’m with you though, the trophies of domesticity is interesting. I cook and bake at home so much I have acquired a lot of these items (my Kitchenaid is one of my favorite tools). But this article really made me think.

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