My Everyday Life: Week 38

Here’s what this past week looked like:

I traveled to Arizona (briefly!) this week.
My Everyday Life: Week 38

I always love looking at the shadows the clouds cast on land from above.

My Everyday Life: Week 38


My Everyday Life: Week 38


My Everyday Life: Week 38

A hotel room ALL TO MYSELF!

My Everyday Life: Week 38

I love room service. Even if it’s not good, it’s still good. You know?

My Everyday Life: Week 38

Water drips while working on my presentation.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

I traveled to Arizona to teach an iPhone photography class to the lovely people at Barefoot Wines.

Here I was showing how a pool can be an excellent backdrop for photos!

Such a fun class & GREAT students. I can’t wait to teach it again. Loved meeting you, Michelle & Elizabeth!

My Everyday Life: Week 38

Although I only had a short stay in Arizona….

My Everyday Life: Week 38

I was in cacti HEAVEN.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

So many good things to look at.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

And this water fountain at The Phoenician was pretty spectacular.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

Waiting for a taxi.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

Waiting for my plane.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

Til next time, AZ! Your skies are beautiful.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

I was gone for a day and he grew.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

French toast…with cinnamon raisin toast & coconut butter on top. AMEN.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

I love cooking in my kitchen again when I come home from traveling.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

We had a rice/meat/vegetable week.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

A hike to clear the mind.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

A kale recipe coming at you soon!

My Everyday Life: Week 38

It rained. I got excited. Then the day was MUGGY. I don’t do muggy well.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

We had a good cloud week. I am thankful for that.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

Sun soaked breakfast for Casey.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

Guest room coming along! We’re done with painting.

Now we have furniture assembly and a million other things to do. Waiting on my mirror to be delivered!

My Everyday Life: Week 38

He currently LOVES doing homework and that makes me happy.

He was telling me, “I can make my OWN special G because that’s the cool thing about handwriting! Everyone makes their own letters.”  He’s got a point.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

When in San Francisco…

My Everyday Life: Week 38

The nicest HANDWRITTEN letter from the folks at Lucy Activewear.

Thank you. Really. THANK YOU.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

I’m so glad I thought to make Pizza Bagels last week. Thursday night dinner was perfection.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

Bucket list item: Go on a Segway Tour. I think I’d giggle the whole time.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

Working on a project around the house. We’re making a prop closet!

My Everyday Life: Week 38

Can you see the woman in my egg yolk??! She kinda looks like a gelfling. 

My Everyday Life: Week 38

The bumps you go over with a shopping cart.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

Coconut butter for me. Cookie Butter for him.

My Everyday Life: Week 38

He made an incredible fort.

My Everyday Life: Week 38



  • Emily

    You seriously have the best eye for the coolest shots! And the handwriting on that note–on point.

  • Christina

    What is this glorious coconut butter you speak of? I have coconut oil at home, but not coconut butter! Trader Joes? Whole Foods?

  • tiffany han

    Segways are magical and super cheeseball but SO MUCH FUN! Tim got us a groupon for the downtown Oakland tour and it was amazing!

  • tanya thorne

    This may be the best week yet! And that color for your guest room is the BEST!


    Love these! Segway tours are the best, I went on one yesterday as a complete spur-of-the-moment thing (in Copenhagen) and it was so fantastic! I was totally giggling all the way!

  • Ella

    I love that shot of the yellow bumpy part of the roadway. I can only imagine the position you must have had to get into in the middle of the street to get that picture!

  • Jessica B

    Beautiful pics from Arizona! Next time you come to visit, you need to check out the Desert Museum in Tucson. It will definitely make your list!!! =)

  • Cherie

    You are a delight. A quiet source of entertainment/laughter/thoughtfulness/inspiration. Love your Friday lists – you do the work for me, findng fun things to think about.
    Thank you.

  • Ronni

    The egg yolk FREAKED ME OUT.

  • Hilary

    Is that cinnamon raisin bread homemade?! It looks amazing!!

    And that egg shot is SO COOL!

  • Katie @ The Surly Housewife

    WOOT for Arizona!! Can’t wait to visit again sometime 🙂

  • meg

    Those cacti pics are great. Thanks for sharing Tracy!

  • Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life

    Every Sunday morning while I get ready to go for a big walk I read your ‘Everyday Life’ posts. By the time I step out the door I am ready to see the world in a different way. Usually I am lucky enough to follow it up with listening to your podcast. Starting my Sunday with Shutterbean and JTB overload always sets me up for a good day!
    I’ve been reading a book set in Arizona lately so seeing your gorgeous photos of the desert was perfect timing. Hope you have a great week 39!

  • Millie l Add A Little

    Love the cloud shot and the woman the egg yolk!!

  • Lia : Tangerine Canteen

    Waaaah! I want that handwriting, and they are SO right! x

  • Emily @ Life on Food

    Those Lucy people are so accurate. These posts make me so happy.

  • Victoria

    I don’t ever remember seeing Arizona from the air, it looks so BARREN!

    You inspired me to make a batch of cinnamon raisin bread this week I’ve loved knowing exactly what’s for breakfast!

    You taje the best iphone photos – I’m not even the least bit surprised they flew you down special.

  • Jessica

    Totally support going on a Segway tour. My friends and I bought a groupon for one in DC – so much fun in a super cheesy, laugh the whole time way.

  • Diane

    My thoughts exactly…you are “a source of beauty and creativity..” AND inspiration to me every day. I love following your work. You are pretty fricking awesome! Thank you!

  • Vanessa

    I love that you referenced gelflings in this post. The Dark Crystal was my LIFE when I was a kid.

  • Caz

    Cooper has your profile exactly and that’s so cool! In the first pic in AZ if could be him, if not for your hair/earring.

  • Natalia (

    Please come to Barcelona and do an iphone photography class!!!
    I have never seen such cool pictures. I do try, and every time I check your instagram I ask myself, how the heck does she do it!!!!!
    Have you ever considered filmmaking as a career move???

  • Cindy

    There really is something about the desert sky that just gets you.
    AND, FORTS! I cannot wait for forts 🙂

  • EBK Riley

    Thanks for the lovely pictures of Arizona. It does those of us who live here year-round good to see the beauty we take for granted while we moan about the heat in summer and gloat about snow elsewhere in winter. You have such a great eye. Your weekly round up is always a highlight of my blog reading.

    • Tracy

      Thanks so much! I hope to make it back to Arizona again soon. I only saw a TINY portion of what you have to offer! xo

  • Jessica

    I 100% get what you mean about wanting to cook after traveling. I’m headed home from a week-long trip right now, and one of the things I’m looking forward to most about being home is going grocery shopping and cooking again! It’s funny how travel makes us appreciate home.

    And, as always, wonderful eye for those photos!

    • Tracy

      Yes! That’s why I love getting away. You don’t know what you have, til it’s gone. I also realize how much I thrive on routine— and as nice as it is to have a BREAK from routine, it’s getting back and having that security blanket (grocery shopping!) that makes me happy.

  • Cindy

    I know you’re going to post more about the guest room, but what color blue are you using on the walls?! It’s absolutely gorgeous!

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