My Everyday Life Week 46

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 46

Checked out the antique fair with Neiley. It wasn’t crowded…all outside… Didn’t really touch anything, Just looked. It made me happy to see old things.

I have been getting sick of looking at all of my things at home. This helped. 

I felt especially nostalgic seeing things that my Mom used to have.

She kept these containers in our pantry closet.

Keys to doors that probably don’t exist anymore.

Private line!

I didn’t know that Indiana Jones was so ripped.

My Mom had this. I think it was a music box?

Right before it rained.

Making my first batch of fire cider. I’ll let you know how it goes!


Between that and making my own kombucha, it’s getting real hippie in my kitchen (and I LOVE IT).

Organized the inside of our freezer. Feels good to open it up now.

Emptying groceries to find this boy.

Breaking so many fashion rules.

Getting myself into the writing zone.

I planted a note for myself.

Found turkeys in our trees.

Clipping my Mom’s rosemary…

For cranberry rosemary bars!

I dropped off bars to some of my favorite people.

Walking into our house with two creepers watching me. 

 A soyrizo potato situation.

On our mantle…

I had an oatmeal craving!

Starting to sell these next week! Stay tuned!

Fries kinda look like FMES

A moment in a chaotic morning. 

The way to my husband’s heart.

How I like my eggs.

Oat milk bubbles.

My brother-in-law brought us one of these. Going through it and tasting everything was pretty fun/novel.

Breakfast of champions.

It finally feels like Autumn here.

The light has been changing!

I unpacked the tree cuz WHO CARES IF IT’S TOO EARLY and look what I found… This is going to be a long holiday with this monster. 


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