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Favorite Workout Videos by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com
January is almost over. Whew!  How are your resolutions going? I committed to tracking what I eat for at least 31 consecutive days in my food journal. I’ve also been doing some of my Favorite Workout Videos to help keep me moving when I don’t have time for a hike. It’s going well so far. 

To backtrack a bit, the word I chose for 2021 is CARE. You can see it here in my Currently Workbook. 

My Everyday Life Week 2 of 2020- a photography series by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com

As in…

The answer? 

Working on it! 

Last January I was 15 lbs. lighter than I am this January. See also: COVID-19.

I stopped caring about moving. See also: Yoga pants and overalls can be very forgiving!

Honestly, I just cared about staying alive, keeping money coming in with work, and keeping my family safe & fed while staying on top of my mental health. 

My physical health went on the back burner and with my aging metabolism (see also: She’s in her 40s), life got a little too comfortable. 

One of the first things to go when COVID hit was my gym membership. Of course, this all happened when I magically found myself in a good routine in the mornings! With managing Cooper at home with school and work, I didn’t have much energy to take of myself as I had before. I peppered in (weather permitting) long walks in our months at home. 

Then I found myself in a rabbit hole of YOUTUBE and ended up really enjoying some of its offerings.   These are my Favorite Fitness Videos that I use for stretching, dancing, and a bit of yoga. I relied on them heavily since we’ve been sheltering in place here in California. 

Videos for Stretching:

When I have a short amount of time. 


When I have more time to stretch.



In bed stretching. I have a secret obsession with Bob & Brad. Their videos helped me through major back pain a few years ago. 

I usually do this arm video and then elliptical. I like that it’s 5 minutes.  

Dancing favorites:

SQUATATHON. Prepare for your thighs to burn. 

One of my favorite Missy Elliot songs. 

This one is short but GOOD. 

Brings me back to my childhood- when I was in ballet. 

This one on repeat. I tend to do a lot of these Fitness Marshall videos multiple times in a row to get my workout in for the day.

I did this one with Cooper a few times. 

I love the arm work in this one.

I love me some Fergie. 

I must have done this one 100 times. It’s one of my faves. 


This song always makes me happy. 

I love that they’re at the GGB!! 


Speaking of dance, I’ve also REALLY enjoyed taking a virtual Zumba class with my friend Matt.

Follow him for more details! 


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He has THE BEST energy. I highly recommend taking one of his classes he offers virtually every week!



This one is quick but effective! We have this trampoline in my family room so it’s always ready to use. 

It’s exhausting but worth it. I need more trampoline videos! 


I don’t do a ton of yoga videos, but when I decided I am going to, I usually rely on Yoga with Adriene.

To get started in the day.

This one is good to unwind after a long day.  

That’s it for now. 

Where the Focus Goes/ I love lists artwork by Tracy Benjamin

Let me know what you’re loving lately.

I’m always looking to diversify my workouts!


  • Adrienne

    I love Melissa Wood Health videos. A slow paced workout that’s a mix of Pilates and yoga. I also reached a peak weight during Covid and these videos have helped me lose 18 pounds. Plus they have done wonders for my mental health.

  • Sarah Perry

    Just did that Madfit stretch today. She’s my go to. If you like the barre stuff and dance videos, try hers. her 12 min warm up is perfect when i dont feel like moving. 90s and 2000 15 min dance party is amazing. and the folklore and evermore 15 min dance sculpts are so dreamy. i will do the 12 min warm up, a tough 20 min hiit or strength vid then “reward” myself with folklore and bam 400 calories burned!

  • Sina

    Tracy, I’m thrilled that Mady Morrison is on your list! She has been my go-to for yoga since march 2020. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your other resources, I’ll check them out!

  • Carlita

    Thanks for sharing, I will check these out. I second Madfit, she has a lot of variety. I also just discovered SarahBethYoga on YouTube. I also love Fitness Marshal!

  • Diane

    I LOVE Fitness Blender videos. They’re varied, safe, and awesome!

  • Debbie

    For fun dancing videos, I highly recommend Emkfit!!

  • Beth

    Love these recommendations! I’ve also gotten very into MommaStrong. Good 15 minute workouts with lots of resources for shorter workouts or stretching/targeting specific areas.

  • Brittany

    Ahhh I’ve been looking for good stretching videos!! Definitely going to give these a go

  • Lisa

    I love MadFit and Grow With Jo’s walking videos!

  • Tammy Thiele

    Thank you for the introduction to the Fitness Marshall! I love a good dance workout! off to check out these songs in particular!

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