July 7, 2020

Currently June 2020


Currently June 2020

Here we are. It’s July as a type this up.

Not gonna lie… June was a tough month.

My timing has been off with everything. My diet has been off. My energy has been off too.  Everything is off! 

No more school and no Summer camps have made it a very precarious time to be working at home with my husband and Cooper. We rely heavily on summer camps to get us through the summer but now it’s Camp Mom + Dad (mostly Mom) every day while we try to get work done.

The hardest part is not having boundaries between work, home, and family time. 

Not knowing when the end is in sight makes it hard to plan anything.

Not being able to plan anything or have an idea of what the next year will look like is tough.

Worrying about worrying too much and that some people aren’t worrying at all.  Worrying a lot! Worrying is exhausting! 

And then there’s grief…grieving our old lives and trying to make space to accept some of the things that we are dealing with are beyond our control.

But I know that when I am feeling feelings, I must put some time into reflection. 

Let’s look at my June spread in my Currently Workbook

This spread has so many layers cuz I didn’t like the way it looked and kept covering it up until I found the colors I was looking for.

I printed out a few of my 100days project and put them on the spread. 

All the good things that happened this month:

Let’s break it down!

In the month of June… I was

Inspired By:

Garden growth! 

The light during happy hour at my house.


Impromptu beach trips.

Art dates on my deck (from a distance)



Ozark– finished the latest season. WHEW!!!!

Dead to Me- finished the second season. I want more!

Jeffrey Epstein – what a piece of garbage human being. 

Can’t Buy Me Love– was excited to watch this with Cooper. He liked it! I watched it over and over again when I was a kid.

Troop Zero- was a sweet/wholesome story. We watched with Cooper and he loved it.

Zoolander– since we quote from this movie all of the time, it was fun to show Cooper where the quotes come from. 

That Thing You Do– I was obsessed with this movie when it came out. It was fun to relive it with Cooper.

Billions– This show puts me to sleep but I continue to watch it. I’m not sure why.



too much news/the internet

The Empath’s Survival Guide

Simple Beautiful Food  – made the Salmon Avocado Nori Wraps from it! 

Anti-Racism Daily– I signed up for this newsletter at the beginning of the month and have found the daily prompts by Nicole Cardoza to be extremely helpful and informative if you’re wondering what you can do to help make change.

Black Lives Matter Movement 

Thinking About:

The future. How we are going to manage the next year. 

2020 and how it’s nothing like I thought it would be. Daydreaming about vacation…

Listening To:

I had this song stuck in my head all month. It reminds me of high school/college.


I think it’s because it was on one of my mix CDs after this song-


This song makes me happy:

I’ve had this one on repeat:

This one helps me feel feels:

This one helped me get focused and pumped up in June:

Dream Life:

Abandoned houses. Walking down the streets of San Francisco. I would love to sleep more but my brain keeps waking me up around 5:30-6 every morning. Even if I got to bed super late.


the best chalk 

cat harness/leash for outdoors

traveling plans…failing at it too.



We went out to dinner for the first time in months! It was weird, but also good. 

A batch of turkey white bean chili got me through a week.

Also, my boys have been super into dominoes in June.

I had a lot of good avocados in June. I made a batch of my arugula pesto too!

I made pancakes with kids through a Zoom call. It was so much fun and Cooper helped me!!!


Used leftover fruit from the fridge to make a rendition of this mixed berry crisp.

Salmon & Avocado Handrolls! They were so good!

I kept on top of my fridge in June.

Meal prep helps me make healthier choices.

Been working in my food journal and on my Intentions for the Week template all month.

Cherry slushies!

I enjoyed all of our Imperfect Produce deliveries this month.

My family’s favorite! Ribs!


My Dad and his lady came over for dinner. 

Neiley made me dinner.

Brought Zucchini Herb Fritters back into the summer rotation.

Grateful For:

  • friends
  • alone time
  • space away from computer and phone
  • art supplies
  • trips to the farmer’s market
  • flowers


Self Portrait for June:

Hope your July goes well!  I’m keeping you in my thoughts. 



  • Courtney

    I recently found your website and I’m finding it to be so inpirational. Thank you so much!! You’ve inspired me to start meal planning on Sunday. And I totally understand your feelings of uncertainty and have felt the same way much of June as well. I just ordered your Currently Workbook and am so excited to start. I think its going to be a great craft project that I can do along side my son and something to keep my mind off the news.

  • Suzanne

    Thanks Tracy for putting into words how I feel! This 2020 has been a doozy. While I feel grateful that amy husband is still working (though I lost my job) and no one in my family has been sick, it feels whiny to say anything. But you put it into words so well. It is grieving, because we will never be back to where we were before.
    On another note, I made your zucchini fritters are they are so delicious!
    Keep your content coming…it really makes my day.

  • Paula

    Oh wow I keep forgetting to take my self portraits! I need to put a reminder in my phone so I can paste them into my currently 2020 book!

  • Mari

    I need to make your pancakes sometime. they look wonderful. My 91 yr old Mother loves pancakes…The photo of your son…wow he’s getting tall. And finally, your selfie with the mask…u have great eyes/eye brows. It was a cool pic. Looking foward to your summer to do list, in terms of travel. (i will live through ur travel, Im not going anywhere this summer, No $$$ ) thanks for always making me smile….M

  • Katt

    “The hardest part is not having boundaries between work, home, and family time. ”

    Oh I feel this! We are both working from home right now (husband – medical tech, me – theatre). It’s so hard to know when we are each “at work”, since we can both make our own hours. And it’s hard making being together as a couple a priority, since we don’t get the alone time that normally exists in our schedule. I know this will make us stronger, but I’m ready for it to be over (we were long distance for 6+ years, which was miserable at the time but in retrospect was really great for us – I hope we are so lucky to look back on this time in a similar way).

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