July 23, 2021


Suffering is the result of resisting change - I love lists // shutterbean.com


  1. You had one job– photo fails.
  2. Jeff Bezos getting trolled this week.
  3. Wall-E tried to warn us! 
  4. Vintage postcards from NY swimming pools. 
  5. Oooh a Julia Child documentary is coming out! 
  6. A compilation of dogs & cats interrupting their owner’s working. 
  7. I love a modern victorian.
  8. This house has so much character. 
  9. Cat blooms!
  10. The Pink Panther was one of my favorite cartoons. 
  11. The best Olympic logos according to designers. 
  12. Haven’t seen Roadrunner yet but curious about this AI voiceover situation…
  13. Hello, comfort food.
  14. Why doesn’t Ted Lasso come off as a total creep?
  15. Speaking of Ted Lasso– Deb made shortbread! 
  16. Here are some unlucky nature disasters! 
  17. Photos with precise composition!
  18. I bought this sticker for my car -makes me laugh.
  19. Pebble art taken to a whole new level. WOW.
  20. This tiny cabin on wheels looks fun.



  • Janet

    The posts on Bezos were hilarious. I did like that he took Wally Funk with him. She has a great story over on StoryCorps. I’ll have the link here if you or your other readers want to check it out. I hadn’t heard of her until this month.

  • Peggy Ward Leland

    I’ve only made it to number 4 on your list and you made my day! While I wasn’t born until 1973 I live where the majority of those pool postcard hotels were. Most of them no longer exist . But the following hotels were all within a 20 minute drive time for me. The Raleigh, Browns, Columbia, Concord, Grossingers, Hills, Brickman, Nemerson, Kutchers, Laurels, Lido, Pines, Tamarack, Nevele and the Windsor.

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