November 26, 2021


Gratitude turns what we have into enough- I love lists Shutterbeanc.om


  1. Magical moments captured by a street photographer. 
  2. How to be the centaur of attention.
  3. This makes me want to go on a morning hike.
  4. Failed signs are kinda funny.
  5. Cleanse your eyeballs with good product design.
  6. How to feel your feelings and why you should. 
  7. I love looking through Oprah’s favorite things. 
  8. Here’s a list of things I’ve favorited on Etsy.
  9. Some tips to put your garden to bed for the winter. 
  10. Mexican pizza is the only thing I ordered at Taco Bell. 
  11. How bowling balls are made. 
  12. We watched Fight Club this week. 
  13. Time travel to Paris in 1981
  14. Here’s my favorite things gift guide from last year. 
  15. A candle to recreate the smell of a woodfire. 
  16. Stock your pantry with these canned goods. 
  17. What to do when you’re irritated and about to snap. 
  18. 5 day timelapse of 24 hours of sun in Antartica. 
  19. Ornate rugs turn into fabric puddles. 
  20. Cozy slippers:  one / two / three / four 
  21. Trader Joe’s reviews for November!
  22. Weekend Reading: Radical Acceptance


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