December 3, 2021


Where Flowers Bloom Print by Tracy Benjamin- I love lists artwork- shutterbean.com


  1. New prints in my shop! Where Flowers Bloom & Today is a New Day! 
  2. Oooh I want to stay in this cabin! 
  3. Examples of why kerning is important in graphic design. 
  4. I love microscopic worlds. 
  5. Temporary tattoos are so beautiful these days. 
  6. What’s the difference between hard & soft water? 
  7. Mexican Wedding Cookies were my Mom’s favorite. 
  8. Here’s how you can make a rose out of salami. 
  9. Ginkgo trees bring me so much joy. 
  10. A bunch of holiday hacks. 
  11. Jars filled with sunsets. 
  12. I like to imagine what my parent’s early life was like through old photos. 
  13. Holiday cards only tell half the tale. 
  14. I love the way this logo wraps around this building. 
  15. What a cute A-frame cabin!
  16. Omg there is a Malibu Barbie polaroid camera. 
  17. I used to really look forward to the treat in cereal boxes. 
  18. Listening to: The Storyteller by David Grohl
  19. Stocking stuffers: disco balls/ rainbow maker / timer cube
  20. More Americans are losing interest in having kids. 


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