January 21, 2022


Stay on Task- print by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com


  1. How food is prepared in space. 
  2. Animals +panaromic mode 
  3. A list of the best-animated movies on Netflix. 
  4. What weddings looked like in the 1970s. 
  5. The origins of the word “gaslight.” 
  6. Have your bread & read by it too. 
  7. Why grocery store shortages are back. 
  8. I need these potatoes. 
  9. This kitchen is so bright and cheerful. 
  10. Golden Gate Bridge + The Milky Way
  11. For all the mushroom lovers… YUM
  12. This is my new favorite brush pen. SO INKY!
  13. Some effective ways to navigate the healthcare system. 
  14. Things we don’t do anymore because of COVID. 
  15. A bunch of ideas of things to do if you’re stuck at home. 
  16. I remember making a Valentine box  in 2nd grade. Favorite! 
  17. A hidden Japanese garden- cool!
  18. Have you been playing Wordle too?
  19. But have you played sweardle? 
  20. Weekend reading: The Other Side & Back 
  21.  The Stay on Task print above is available in my shop! 


  • Jamie

    Happy Friday!!

  • Caitlyn

    Me: *reads* “Have your bread & read by it too”
    Huh? What?
    *clicks link*

    I also need those potatoes!!!

    I have been avoiding wordle as much as I have been avoiding COVID. I did have to peek at sweardle and it gave me a chuckle but the word for today is not a swear! ****SPOILER WILL STATE WORD OF DAY****Pube is not a swear!

    • Tracy

      my husband is into wordle and now I am too! Gives us something to discuss in the morning when we finish!

  • Rebeca

    I’m really into wordle! At first I didn’t know what the fuss was about and now I play in three different languages lol
    Gonna check sweardle!

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