September 23, 2022


Choose Belief Over Doubt- i love lists / shutterbean



  1. Glamping is such a fun word to say.
  2. We have come such a long way technology-wise.
  3. I wonder what people of the past would think of fashion now.
  4. What too sexy looked like in film in 1928- Pandora’s Box
  5. Banana surprise. Oh wow.  That seems messy.
  6. I sometimes daydream of having a tiny home.
  7. Raccoon + Fawn = bff
  8. What is clairsentience?   
  9. Time to put hippy pumpkin bread back into the mix. 
  10. All of these photos caught my eye. 
  11. This sweater would be life-changing, I’m sure. 
  12. Let’s learn about the history of cats.
  13. How often do you need to wash your hair? 
  14. Cute costumes: bat hoodie / bob ross / skeleton /mermaid
  15. These lights are for pencil lovers. 
  16. A new study on food porn. 
  17. Do we really need this?
  18. My husband loves watching people restore things.
  19. Here’s your reminder that otters are cute.
  20. Weekend reading: I got Gaby’s new cookbook! 

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  • Jamie

    My husband loves to watch those videos too! Im not the only one!

  • jen

    I saw the article about the shopping cart feature during the week but didn’t read it…i like the idea of being able to check out ON the cart; sometimes grocery lines can be really long, but having my list appear on the cart? nah, i don’t need that…i guess they’re just looking for new and exciting things in the grocery stores for shoppers.
    The post on restoring old things – i can’t believe people would paint over some of those gorgeous pieces! Wow…Bravo to the people know how to do that!

    • Tracy

      I definitely see the value in avoiding lines. I was just wondering how accurate it is and how much error would cost the store. Also what do you do about your bags/purse? Can you put a child in it?

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