July 29, 2022


You've got the magic in you // i love lists art by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean


  1. I love Easter Eggs in movies. 
  2. Here’s what to do if you win the lottery today.
  3. It’s so good to see Joni Mitchell performing again! 
  4. How streaming services & residuals work. 
  5. Barn cats at work.
  6. Red clouds from above? Mystery solved.
  7. This illustration goes on forever and ever! 
  8. RIP choco taco.
  9. How to make your own choco taco!! 
  10. Time travel to Honolulu in the late 50s.
  11. I love this cabin! 
  12. Pretty caftans: one / two / three / four
  13. I’ve never made a tater tot casserole. I want to!
  14. Old ghost photos? Hmm! 
  15. Check out these robo cat dim sum servers. 
  16. Yum: giant zucchini parmesan
  17. I can’t wait to see how our cats react to this game.
  18. Here’s more about the game- Stray
  19. This must be so fun to take photos of in person.
  20. This 19th-century photo studio is up for auction

  • Maire

    Tater tot casserole is the way, the truth, and the life and has endless variations! (I don’t use condensed soup in mine- mine is more like shepherd’s pie + a layer of cheese + a layer of tots. Enjoy!

  • Caitlyn

    Yes make tater tot hotdish! It’s a Minnesotan classic! Definitely add cheese and seasoning – not typically in the traditional but then again traditionally they use canned green beans blegh. I usually use ground beef, onions, red potatoes, baby carrots and peas for mine. I gotta try nixing the condensed soup though, never thought to do that. Also I highly suggest using crispy crowns vs tater tots, minor change (maybe it’s not fair to call it tater tot hotdish anymore?) but the crispy outside to soft inside ratio is far superior.

    Also I really, really like that blue striped caftan!

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