January 27, 2023


Trial is the Only Path to Growth - I LOVE LISTS by shutterbean


  1. Are you cleaning out your spice jars?
  2. I’d like a hidden room in my house.
  3. Shirtception. Lol.
  4. I always watch things with subtitles on.
  5. The power of sound in movies.
  6.  I need to get away.
  7. This makes me want to play with embroidery thread.
  8. I got lost in watching this guy transform a tissue box.
  9. My home is harming my wellness because it’s a mess. 
  10. The story behind the design of Nirvana’s Nevermind cover.
  11. A few ways to enjoy winter if you’re not a winter person.
  12. Gen Z wants to be entertained. What a funny word.
  13. Neon night time in Tapei. 
  14. How to Keep Creativity Alive
  15. Let’s get lost and look at historic pictures from around the world.
  16. Time to get nostalgic about retro technology.
  17. Check out this sun halo.
  18. I think I need this headband.
  19. Three ways to clean out the grossest parts of your Instant Pot.
  20. I wish I knew the importance of a parenting village earlier in life.
  21. Please enjoy simple drop biscuits in your weekend for me.
  22. I pre-ordered my friend’s book! – Unbroken: The Trauma Response is Never Wrong


Currently Workbook 2023

I have more Currently Workbooks in my Etsy shop! It’s not too late to start one! Join me in this creative adventure and follow The Handwriting Club on Substack.  There’s a private facebook group where you can share your pages! 

  • Sina

    Thank you for listing the link to your “keeping creativity alive” post from 2016! This helped me a lot because I was beginning to feel like I was failing with my currently workbook this year. I haven’t done anything on the January pages yet but your words and prompts from 2016 help me to be kind with myself about this.
    Thank you!

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