July 21, 2010

Black Bean Taco Night!

oh nom nom nom

Two nights ago I made Molly’s Quick Black Beans recipe and fell madly, truly & deeply in love. I seriously could eat the whole batch straight out of the pan. But I have a boy & my man to feed, so I figured I’d do something substantial with them.

We had a Black Bean Taco party! Outside!

molly's beans!

The cumin & oregano are wonderful additions to the beans! They become so creamy & tasty!

cumin & oregano

I started to make some salsa. Decided to put it in a blender. We don’t like chunky salsa here.


It got really foamy and scared me. But it tasted great! I added chunks of avocado.

make shift salsa with avos

Here’s the spread! Tacos were just a good excuse to have Coronas!

the spread

I thought they would be good as tostadas, but then I saw Casey picking up his and eating it.

bean tacos!!

So they became tacos! I guess that’s what happens when I’m too busy to supply us with knives.  YUM!!!

Thanks for the Black Bean recipe, Molly!  Be sure to check it out. It’s a winner!

Oh! My friend Whitney made some too! Check out how she fixed them!

  • kickpleat

    I love black beans and black bean tacos are genius. Love the hot sauce dribbles and the Coronas. You are awesome!

  • peachey

    i’ve made molly’s yummy beans as a side a few times … now to give them the spotlight!

  • Jenny Jay

    How come up with the most amazing meals with each post! I love tacos soo much and this looks healthy too!

  • Nicole

    This looks like a perfect weeknight meal to make after a long day. Yum!

  • Dana

    You know I love almost everything you do here, but blended salsa? Really? Aside from that, yum. I just made tacos for the first time in my life and am regretting every year that I have been cooking without making them. Mine had grilled veg but there were definitely beans missing. And hot sauce.

    • Tracy

      Yeah…if the tomatoes are like quality it’s a different story. I just don’t like big chunks of tomatoes falling off a chip when I dip it in salsa. But let’s talk about you now! you JUST made tacos?!!!!! WHAAAAATTTT?????!!!!!!!!

  • Heather

    Those look super tasty and that darling polka-dot table cloth is *perfect* for a backyard taco picnic. So fun!

  • emily s

    Those look great! Yum!! And I love your cute tablecloth : )))

    • Tracy

      Thanks Emily! I’m soo stoked I found it at Target this summer! I LOVE IT. It zips up to accommodate my umbrella!

  • Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen

    my salsa always gets frothy too! ugh. it still tastes good though, just looks a little weird. i think using a food processor might do the trick?

    anyway, these tacos look freakin’ fantastic! and veggie too!

    • Tracy

      Hi Adrianna! I think it’s because I used a blender. It tasted good but you know…the look of it was kinda weird. I’m gonna try the food processor next time and just pulse it a few times. I think it might turn red after it sits for a bit? I didn’t have enough left in my bowl long enough to find out!

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  • Sunny @ http://pantrychef.wordpress.com

    This recipe sounds wonderful! I will have to try those black beans next time! I like how you added the avocado to the salsa. I LOVE avocado but my husband claims he doesn’t… who really knows, though, because he won’t try it. This might help him get over his fear!

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