March 31, 2023


I will not let you live small! // I love lists Tracy Benjamin of the Handwriting Club


  1. Photos of Mt. Rushmore under construction.
  2. Wow. I will be better at washing my fruit. Geez.
  3. It’s totally common for kids to watch two videos at a time now. 
  4. This must be fun to experience in person.
  5. What are some storytelling lessons from Succession? 
  6. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about saffron. 
  7. See also: Instant Pot Saffron Risotto
  8. Funny evolution memes.
  9. Things that can ruin your garbage disposal. 
  10. Things you can do with dryer lint. Who knew?!
  11. Let’s look at 20th-century architecture photos. 
  12. I am fascinated by former inmate stories.
  13. How noiseless props are made for movies. 
  14. Let’s read about 2023 grocery/food trends.
  15. Movie adaptations that were better than the book.
  16. I walked through the hills of Cinque Terre in flip-flops.
  17. A luxury lakehouse inspired by Minecraft.
  18. I am very excited to see a Freaks & Geeks reunion of sorts.
  19. If you need bedroom inspiration.
  20. Weekend reading: The Trauma Response is Never Wrong
  21. This pep talk generator print is cute.
  22. I have more food journals in the shop! 


My Everyday Life Week 8 of 2023- a photography series by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com
Looking to build your creative practice? 

Let’s have an art date TONIGHT! 

Bring your Currently Workbook  + join in on my live Zoom call! 
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Friday- March 31, 2023
5:00 PM-6:45 PM PST 
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Are you free April 21-23?

I am attending  this Forage Workshop with creative mavens Alex Cole & Meghan Marsh King  in Sonoma Friday April 21- Sunday April 23 
There will be foraging, painting & writing. I am really excited about it as I am desperately needing to refill my creative battery. If you’re interested in attending, they have offered my readers a huge discount if you want to join in the fun.
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The Handwriting Club

I have a substack- The Handwriting Club. 

This week I shared the story about the last piece of mail I sent my Mom.

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