August 18, 2023


My Everyday Life Week 32 of 2023- a photography series by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com


  1. Someone hacked a polaroid land camera.
  2. I wouldn’t want to have self check out at TJ’s. 
  3. If you’re hot, here’s how to make your own air cooler.
  4. Beautiful fashion photography from the 1960s.
  5. All of these places are daydream fuel. 
  6. Another way to use wonton wrappers.
  7. I like using wonton wrappers for my lasagna cups. 
  8. I lost the battle with uncrustables too.
  9. China is a whole other world.
  10. Interior design fails! 
  11. What happens when a travel destination is on a TV show?
  12. This collage art is so intricate! 
  13. I will make muffins with my instant pot applesauce.
  14. Julia Child quotes to live by.
  15. Cute ass coveralls: one / two / three / four
  16. Thrifting wardrobe tips.
  17. 7-morning habits that could affect your day.
  18. Speaking of, here’s my morning routine.
  19. Most iconic hip-hop sample every year since 1973.
  20. How to concentrate. Man, I need this. 

Leo Collage Kits - Shutterbean/ The Handwriting Club - Tracy Benjamin

Today is my birthday and I made a limited edition Leo Collage Kit to celebrate! Buy one for you (if you’re a Leo!) or a special lion in your life. Take care of the caretaker! 


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