January 26, 2024


It's Not To Late to Get Your Shit Together. I love lists / tracy benjamin #hobonichi #hobonichicousin


  1. Let’s time travel to when things were affordable. 
  2. New things to try and pass on at Trader Joe’s. 
  3. I want crispy air fried tofu.
  4. Scientists create a camera that shows how animals see color.
  5. Will Ferrell’s documentary looks good.
  6. How to create a seed starting station.
  7. What kids looked like in the 1950s.
  8. The best cheeses of 2023.
  9. Costco has fresh chocolate chip cookies now.
  10. A train that’s deer-themed.
  11. How to survive falling through ice.
  12. How to work your way out of a food rut.
  13. The best/worst states to retire in.
  14. People’s home barista stations.
  15. Why We Create
  16. The cult of Liquid Death
  17. Weekend baking: grapefruit yogurt cake
  18. Some ways to clean your garbage disposal.
  19. Read my interview with Blurb about bookmaking! 
  20. Weekend reading: Creative Act



This week, I wrote about my Self-Portrait practice in my Currently Workbook on The Handwriting Club Substack!

Intentions for the Week Planner by Tracy Benjamin- Find more in here etsy.com/shops/thehandwritingclub

I have more Intentions for the Week Planners in my shop! Thanks for your patience. I had some crazy printing issues 🙁 They’re ready for you to use.  You can start them at any time because you fill it in as you go. 

Intentions Workshop- Tracy Benjamin + MC McDonald, PhD

It’s not too late to set intentions for the year! Join me and my friend Dr. MC McDonald for a morning of intention-setting!

Save the date for February 10. 

Here’s the link!  

We will be mapping out our Intentions for the Year together on a live Zoom! 

  • Madz

    I love your lead image on this post! Long time lurker here… which tools did you use for those big multi-coloured letters? I haven’t seen that before!

    THANK YOU for all the beauty you put out in this world!

  • Traffic Jam 3D

    I love the concept of a flexible planner that you can start anytime perfect for someone like me who sometimes forgets to buy one at the beginning of the week.

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