March 11, 2016


I love lists on Shutterbean.com

Welcome to I LOVE LISTS. It’s Friday! Let’s surf the internet together.

  1. Connected. Tracking. Steps. It’s all too much sometimes.
  2. What to buy at Trader Joe’s according to the employees
  3. Vintage Frida Kahlo photos are cool.
  4. I am pretty gray at 36. Thanks, Dad.
  5. Apparently BuzzFeed thinks I’m a Scorpio….
  6. Ahhhh…parenthood.
  7. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Cooked on Netflix
  8. Falafel Waffle is fun to say.
  9. What’s really going on in teenage girl’s brains
  10. Puppies or Food??!
  11. Hahahaa. #3!
  12. Total Dad Gear. Oh man. Too real.
  13. The moment people quit their jobs and followed their passion.
  14. Wow. These photos are unreal.
  15. What the chefs eat (this one is for you, Ryan)
  16. I could definitely use a Someone is Cranky kit
  17. Weekend Project: Marlbeizing Paper
  18. I miss everyday cooking too, Kasey.
  19. It’s Friday! Time to Fish Fry….and make tacos with them.
  20. The Strange & Surprising History of Daylight Savings Time
  21. For those of you who love symmetry….

Food from the archives for your weekend:

Things that caught my eye:

  • Jane M

    After about 15 years I finally stopped the hair color and went gray. I am FULLY gray – no real color left AT ALL! And here’s the kicker – I get so so many completements about how gorgeous my hair is! Now that I’ve found water aerobics and I’m constantly under the water, I am happy to not have to worry about the many different shades of yellow I used to try and wear! I do have to say I fully embrace Make Up – I love make up which is a good thing so at least I don’t blend into the walls! HAHA! Happy Friday!!!!!!!

  • Shawna

    Dammitt – now everyone is going to be drinking TJ’s Tribunal wine!! We started buying it because of the silly label but it’s actually really good. I guess I should start buying it by the case before it runs out. 🙂

  • Libby

    Jan 1 of this year I quit my job to focus on my writing.
    It kind of came about perfectly. I was drowning and stressed out and getting sick from my under-paying, over-worked job. One night following a crying fit, my husband and I decided that I would submit my two weeks notice and we would be fine.
    So the next day, my smug boss brought me into his office for an impromptu performance review where he told me that he didn’t like the way that I did my makeup or the way that I dressed and that I was ok at my job but he thought maybe he was paying me too much. And I was like, “Well, let me solve that problem for you–you don’t have to pay me at all anymore.” And boom. It was over. 🙂

    • Tracy

      DAAAAAAAAANG!!! That’s pretty awesome and what a jerk! Glad you left!

  • Jamie

    The Hong Kong housing made me shudder. Creepy!

  • Lindsay

    OMG, do you hate the word panties, TOO?!

    • Tracy

      HAHAHAAAA. YES. Like sooooo bad. I think the Leo word is SQUIRT….which doesn’t bother me so much. Hilarious.

  • *sarah

    We’ve been loving Cooked too! Really interesting!
    I also could watch A Chef’s Table again and again… so inspiring!
    Happy FRIDAY!!! Love your lists 🙂

  • Julie

    Haha! BuzzFeed thinks I am a Scorpio as well. 😉 (My Gemini word being “fester,” which I have zero issues with!)

  • Kasey

    <3 <3 <3 that is all 🙂

  • Caitlin

    Your blog is such a wonderful part of my mornings – especially on Fridays!

  • Maia

    Unrelated but I just wanted you to know: I am expecting my first baby in the next couple weeks and my form of “nesting” is apparently cooking, my freezer is currently like an ode to Shutterbean: double batch of turkey chili, your stuffed shells, and a TRIPLE batch of turkey meatballs (my husband will eat like 20 at once), and OK a couple of Joy’s chicken pot pies too… Now I think I need to add some cookies or blondies to the stash. And lemon chicken for dinner tonight 🙂 So from my future tired/starving new mom self… THANK YOU!

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