April 19, 2024


If you have to force the connection, LET IT GO! // i love lists Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean/The Handwriting Club


  1. Here’s why Swiss cheese has holes.
  2. Reading about my old school- SFAI
  3. I need to bust out my Yonananas machine soon.
  4. The best things in your house to sell for parts. 
  5. New Trader Joe’s products for April.
  6. Galettes > pies
  7. Chip flavors have gone waaaay too far.
  8. I love when people break character on SNL. 
  9. A beaver dam that can be seen from space. 
  10. Advertising slogans that became famous catchphrases.
  11. The Stanley cup frenzy, explained.
  12. How did the cost of food delivery get so high?
  13. Having a bad day? Here’s some perspective.
  14. Flowy dresses: one / two / three / four 
  15. Why you should drink ginger ale on a flight.
  16. Photographer visits creppy cryogenic chamber.
  17. Interesting/fascinating photos! 
  18. The laundromat was once called a washateria.
  19. The way this guy packs a suitcase!
  20. I’m going to make pupusas soon. 

Have you tried lowering your expectations? I love lists// shutterbean

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