April 26, 2024


A Journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. I love lists- Shutterbean #hobonichi #hobonichicousin


  1. Movies that have not aged well.
  2. People share life hacks. 
  3. I am working on my flower beds this year! 
  4. My mom always wanted to go to a dude ranch. 
  5. Some new google doc features.
  6. I want to do a matzo taste test.
  7. The top cereals of 2024. 
  8. I want EVERYTHING from the Marimekko store.
  9. Japanese train tickets are beautiful. 
  10. The history of barf bags. 
  11. The Spice Girls reunited! 
  12. A dress for tiger lovers. 
  13. Looking forward to this Jim Henson documentary.
  14. What is Mercury in retrograde? 
  15. How the year 2044 was imagined in 1771.
  16. Beatles fan’s bedrooms from the 1960s.
  17. Kids can now clean floors with their toy.
  18. Trader Joe’s new Spring items, reviewed. 
  19. One of my tiny little joys- our butter keeper 🙂
  20. Did you see I shared my Baseball Mom Bag Essentials? 

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  • Alicia A

    I grew up in Marimekko dresses, then my mother would make pillow covers when I out grew them! oh the 70’s!

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