January 14, 2011

365- Weeks 1 & 2

14/365 Pretzel + Sunset

pretzel + sunset

When my fellow food blog buddies Kamran & Shannalee started a Flickr group called Project 365 | Food Bloggers, I didn’t hesitate to join. I was thinking of making a resolution to be more creative with my photography this year, so this challenge is just what I need to help exercise my creative muscles! So here’s the deal– Every day for the next year, I’ll be posting a food related photo on my flickr stream. At the end of the week, I’ll share all 7 photos here. It’s been two weeks so far, so here’s what I’ve been up to!

13/365 Coffee remains

coffee remains

12/365 Sharing oranges & a memory game with Mr. Cooper

sharing oranges & a memory game

12/365 Banana CHOP!


11/365 Toddler food-scrap cemetery

my sink usually looks like this

10/365 Runny egg yolk from neighbor’s chickens

Fried Egg&  Buttered Sourdough Toast

09/365 Making something special with grapefruit

grapefruit zest

08/365 Cookie eating

cookie eating

07/365 Cookie making

i made cookies today

06/365 A new sandwich concoction

sandwich concoction

04/365 Celery choppage

celery chop

03/365 Remains of the holidaze

holiday leftovers

02/365 Holy GREEN


01/365 Cheers to 2011


Stay tuned for more!

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  • joy the baker

    i am inspired by your creativity. i could use this sort of exercise. i mean seriously…. how many overhead food shots can one person take!? ((hopefully a lot))

  • Vanessa

    Love this idea! A picture everyday! It would make a cool photo book at the end of the year.

  • Sarah

    What a neat idea!

  • Crystal

    This is such a great idea – I love skewing the 365 theme to encompass food. I agree, it would be a fun mini-book at the end of the year!

  • whitney

    Love! I need to try and do something like this. I get so discouraged to take food photos in fall/winter because there’s no natural light by the time I make dinner!

    • Tracy

      You could bring your camera to work! Take shots of your breakfast or lunch! That’s what I’m doing….

  • Jessica

    I love all your shots, but have to say that toddler hands will always win. :) I was tempted to do this too, but don’t feel like I’m creative enough with a camera…though I guess that’s the point!

  • shannalee

    Oh, Tracy. I love this! Doing this project last year was SO good for me, in many ways, and looking at your photos makes me all nostalgic. Great idea to post a recap here, too. It’s cool to look back on pieces of two weeks. Our lives have so many moments.

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