November 11, 2011

I Love Lists Friday!

  1. DIY Peter Pan Collar. WANT/NEED.
  2. These would be the PERFECT little Thanksgiving appetizers!
  3. If you’re Gluten-Free or having someone over who is, this post is super.
  4. I want to BURY my face in this gooey pumpkin cookie cake skillet. For serious.
  5. This epic post (10 Real-Talk Blog Tips) was written in my guest bedroom. LOVE that.
  6. I love when other bloggers come visit SF. It’s nice to see my home from a fresh perspective.
  7. This soup. OH THIS SOUP. Going on the TO-DO list, for sure.
  8. Such a pretty Fall wedding! That yellow cardigan is such an beautiful touch…
  9. Did you know this is my go-to Rock Band song? (I love finding videos on Pinterest!)
  10. I’ve been blog stalking Jessica from how sweet it is this whole week. Shhh. Don’t tell.
  11. I don’t know what I’d without this website. There are soo many gems! I want to send like 2000 e-cards.

TWO more things!

A new Joy the Baker podcast this week. Episode #26 is all about LADY WISDOM!

Do you like snooping? You should check out my medicine cabinet. No, really! I cleaned it up just for YOU on my new column, High Straightenence at Homefries!

Happy 11.11.11!

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